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Re: Help! Partition table corrupted

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s… (Shailendra Majmundar) writes:
>> My 330 meg MAXTOR ESDI HD is loosing charge very fast and my
>> partition table on MS DOS 4.1side is corrupted giving me "MISSING
>> OPERATING  SYSTEM" message after controller RAM initializaton.
>> The HD is devided 50/50 in DOS and unix and the unix partition
>> is fine. Could some one give me any tips on how to salvage the
>> machine?
>First of all, let me thank to all those who whole heartedly tried to pull me
>out of the ditch. Sorry to say that despite all the efforts, my dos partition
>is still a dead duck. The following things are tried after getting expert
>advise on the net:
>1. DT. MACE and NDD are unable to find drive C. So I can’t use those
>   programs.
>2. FDISK shows only the second partition, that is the unix partition. I am
>     able to activate it and go to the unix, which works fine. In unix, if I
>     run simultask and go to DOS and do FDISK, I see both the partitions but
>     they are marked as non-DOS. If I activate the first partition (which used
>     to be DOS), I get the same message "MISSING OPERATING SYSTEM".
>3. An effort to transfer SYS to  c: also failed with a message "Invalid
>     drive type".
>4. NU shows the following :
>  ———————————————————————-
>  System Boot Starting            Ending             Relative number of
>              side cyl. sector    side  cyl. sector  sectors  sectors
>  ———————————————————————-
>    ?    Yes   1    0     1        15   323   60          60   310980
>    ?    No    0  324     1        15   648   60      311040   312000
>  ———————————————————————-
>5. Changing System in the above table from ? to DOS-12 or DOS-16 did no
>     good.
>The drive is Maxtor 330 mg ESDI (model # 9380E) with 1224 cyls and 15
>heads. I think what needs to be done is to somehow calculate what should
>be the right starting and ending sectors, cyls and sides and edit the
>partition table from NU. Any suggestions??

yes i know i should have deleted the stuff above, but i didn’t.
so go away.
have you tried on track disk manager to rebuild the partition table,
and then mace to recover the data? you may need to rename directories
when done but i’ve done similar recoveries with this method.
bill pociengel


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demacs under 4dos – few things …

        I have just started using demacs and 4dos at the same time so
I cant relly tell who is to blame.  It has happend to me twice
yesterday that demacs has just died on me complaining about some
interrupt.  I am quite sure it is demacs but that is only a hunch.

        Aside from that since 4dos does command completion generates a
path in the dos fasion with bk-slashes as in "c:\autoexec.bat" but
demacs expects the path to be in unix style with for-slashes as in
"c:/autoexec.bat" I wrote a [n unproffessional] filter that will
replace-string "\\" to "/" and the filter workes just fine.

        My problem is invoking it.  I have tried messing with
functions pointers and do something like [from memory]:

(let ((tempp ‘expand-file-name))
  (setq expand-file-name
        ‘(lambda (arg1 &optional arg2)
           (tempp (my-filter arg1) arg2))))

in my .emacs [as well as 'my-filter'] I could almost swear that
lisp-wise it should work but it didnt.  did I do something wrong?
temporarily I have changed files.el and I load it in .emacs but I’d
rather not load such a big file.  

        And the previous leads me to a non 4dos question: do the few
e-lisp files provided with demacs are loaded automatically at all [i
mean without telling the user about it in the mini buffer] ?

        How does one know what files are loaded [obviously some are
needed for basic operations].  [note: i did byte-compile the said file]

        Thank you all very much and Followup-To: comp.emac…


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TI-MSDOS for TI-Professional PC/XT.

Hello:  Recently we bought a TI-Professional PC in a company
auction on an as-is-where-is basis, and later we discovered
that we could even boot the system.  Since this PC is no longer
manufactured or supported by TI, we could’nt get any help from
the TI technical support.

I would like to know if TI-MSDOS is available in the public
domain.   If so, where can I get a copy ?  I dont know the
version number but anything equivalent to MSDOS 3.0 or lower
should be OK to boot this TI-PC/XT.  

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.   I would like to
get this machine up and running !   Please reply to my e-mail
address given below.

Thanks in advance !

Chandramouli.         mo…

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Extended command lines for external programs?

I was wondering whether there is a _consistent_ way for an external
program to use the extended command line length (256 chars) available
in 4DOS. More Unix-oriented tools like MKS pretty well document this,
but I couldn’t find anything in the 4DOS.DOC or APPNOTES file.

A little experimentation learned me that _most_ of the time you can
just take the CMDLINE environment variable, just as I expected. (Even
from batch files). But this doesn’t work when the command is preceded
by an @, whether on the command line or in a batch file. The CMDLINE
environment variable just isn’t there then.

A little experimenting with the search command in debug learned me that
a copy of the command line can then only be found somewhere in the
swappable area of 4DOS, near the 640K barrier. Might there be a secret
interrupt or variable in the PSP pointing to this?

I was thinking maybe it was trivial to hack some C0.ASM files to give
4DOS support to all C programs…

Thanks in advance (Mike?)

– Jan-Pieter

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strange problem with 4OS2

I’m having problems with 4OS2 as the main command processor (opening 4OS2
windows works fine). If I try to use the config.sys file created by 4OS2
installation, I seem to get a blank gray desktop: PWS doesn’t start, and
calling up the task list just gets me an empty window (!).

If I add call=cmd.exe or call=4os2\4os2.exe at the end of config.sys, I get
a command line with no problems, so it seems that the kernel is loading
correctly. But after exiting, I’m only able to get the WPS desktop if the
shell is set to cmd.exe.

To forestall the obvious comments: yes, I’ve run chkdsk any number of

(This behaviour was first noticed after the swapsize.cmd program refused to
close, and I had to shutdown and restart. On the other hand, I shut down
and reboot so rarely that this may well have been the very first reboot
after running the 4OS2 install program…)

This is 4OS2 1.0, revision C, and yes, it’s a registered copy.

Any suggestions?

Fernando Q. Gouvea                              fqgou…
Dept. of Math/CS                                (207)-872-3278
Colby College                                   Mudd 407

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