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>Now here is the basic structure of addenv that I have been testing:

>  :addenv
>  :
>  :To add faa to the anvironment variable foo, enter
>  :
>  :   addenv foo faa
>  :
>  set %1=%1;%2
>  quit 0

>This of course doesn’t work because the set statement expands to:

>  set foo=foo;faa

>which is not what I want. What I want is

Try   set %1=%[%1];%2

Works for me.


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releasing memory. where?

>Sounds like you have either a TSR (Something that stays in memory to do
>omething useful), or a slightly buggy program. Try the mark + release
>commands, they are available at most FTP sites. If it is a TSR causing his
>problem, put the MARK command before the main program is executed. Then
>after it is finished, RELEASE the memory.

Hi. What is the filename for this program?

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I have uploaded to the SimTel Software Repository (available by anonymous
ftp from the primary mirror site OAK.Oakland.Edu and its mirrors):

pub/msdos/4dos/       Floppy cataloguer for 4DOS/NDOS users (+TPsrc)

Tobi’s Floppy Cataloguer and Catalog Viewer version 2.2 is specially
designed to work hand in hand with 4DOS.  It helps you to easily keep
a catalogue of all the floppy disks you are using to archive your
shareware collection. It uses the 4DOS File Descriptions to annotate
the files.

This package contains two programs:

  TFC.BTM – "Tobis Floppy Cataloger" a 4DOS BTM File
    ——————-Creates a catalogue file from your floppies

  TCV.EXE – "Tobis Catalogue Vision" a Turbo Vision Program
    ——————-Lets you view and search this Catalogue file

Together they enable you to easily maintain, view and search a Catalogue
of the floppies on which you are storing your programs.

Requirements:  4DOS 4.xx the ultimate replacement.


  Automatically adds the 4DOS file Description to the Catalogue
  Adds 1 Line per Disk, stating Disksize and Free Space.
  Lets you view and search Your Catalogue on Screen with a SAA
         user interface based on Turbo Vision by Borland.
  It is free.
  All sources are included!

New in this release:

 V2.2: – Screenmodes bigger than standart 80×25 are possible. Just set
         your vga-card to a higher resolution, using the utilities you
         got along with your card, then start TCV.
       - TCV: the current serach-string.
       - TFC: can also be used to Erase Disks form the Database.
         Use ‘ TFC "games" ‘ to kill the "games" Disk from the Database.
       - TFC: Added Quit Option, when Scanning Disks without
       - TFC: Write Free Space on Floppy to the database entry.
       - TFC: Corrected Handling of 0 Size PROG.TFC
       - The source of TCV is included with the package.

Uploaded by the author.

Tobias Oetiker

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4DOS and batch files under DESQview

Hi guys, I run a Ham BBS under DESQview 2.41 and have a batch file
run every 10mins to copy mail files.  The batch file is run using
4DOS v4.01 and when it completes, and EXIT command closes the DV window.
The file is run as a DESQview task using DVCRON to call the .DVP file.

Eventually, I got errors…the NS one from 4DOS which means that it’s
run out of shell numbers!  It would appear that the shell isn’t closing
properly and releasing the shell number.  I’ve checked this with the
PROMPT $z… command.

Also, I’ve included DVCleanup = Yes in the 4DOS.INI file and set the
appropiate swapping…EMS with EMS allocated in DESQview.

Query:  Does anyone else suffer from this problem?
        Would v4.02 cure it?
        I am exiting from the batch file in the correct way?

Thanks in advance….Andy, G8JFF
– Disclaimer: Please note that the above is a personal view and should not
  be construed as an official comment from the JET project.

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Overhead of running 4DOS ???

In todays computing env when any amount of processing power and resources
seem less (atleast to me), I am very "picky" about the behind the scene
programs/utilities that will be taxing the system all the time. 4DOS
seems to be an excellent product and I have read a lot about it (even IBM
uses it to attract people to its OS/2 2.1 :-)). But the question remains
about the overhead of running 4DOS. More specifically, how much more RAM
is taken by 4DOS as compared with COMMAND.COM and how slow/faster is it
as compared with COMMAND.COM. I have noticed that when I do a first time
DIR on a directory, there is a slight delay before 4DOS prints out the
directory listing while there seem to be no delay when doing DIR listing
with same switches under COMMAND.COM (/p /o /c). I would appreciate any
and all info on the topic.

Thanks very much.

p.s. My system 386+387 DX/40, 8MB RAM, DOS 6.0 (DoubleSpace enabled).

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A couple more 4DOS questions…

I have a few more questions about the 4DOS that have to do with aliases.

1.How can I use the command "DEL /P" in an alias and still call alias the
  "DEL"? When I try "Alias del=del /p", it gives me alias loop error. Or
  I can use "Alias rm=del /p" but I don’t know how to disable the delete
  command when "DEL" is entered on command line.

2.How can I combine more than one command for an alias? Just like MS-DOS’s
  DosKey’s "$T" keyword that lets you assign a series of commands to an

3.Is there anyway to access macros defined under MS-DOS’s DosKey while
  running 4DOS?

Thanks very much.


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BTM useful utility

Hello 4dos likers !
two ,three question for you all :
1) what is the benefit of the new Rev. of 4DOS ?
2) Can someone send me a zip+uudecoded file that contains some useful BTM
programs to run on my 4dos machine ?! (and to lern to write BTM)
3) Is there any way to compile BTM program like : BAT2COM but with the
fetures of the BTM ( memory "resident" runing ) !

         ,-,-, ,—, ,-, ,—-, S.Mail:   Yair George Rajwan from:
         \ | / | – | | | | — |           12 Shalom Sivan St’
          | |  | | | | | | |\ \           Jerusalem
          |_|  |_|_| |_| |_| |_|          ZipCode: 97725
                                          Israel – HolyLand

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ADDENV and DELENV: The solution

Thanks for all the pointers. I finally got it to work. Here are my
solutions. I have checked, they work.

***** ADDENV.BTM ******

@echo off
if "%debug" eq "%0" echo on

goto start

echo    %@upper[%0] — Adds given value to the specified environment variable.
echo    Usage: %@upper[%0] `<`envvar`>` `<value>` `<`b`|`e`>`
echo    Given VALUE is added in the `%`ENVVAR variable.
echo    The last parameter indicates whether the first parameter is added
echo    at the beginning or the end of the `%`ENVVAR variable. Default is end.
echo    See also DELENV.
quit 0

if "%1" eq "" .or. "%1" eq "/?" goto help

set oldenv=%%%1
iff %@index[%oldenv;,%2;] eq -1 then
  iff "%oldenv" eq "" then
    set %1=%2
    if "%3" eq "b" set %1=%2;%oldenv
    if "%3" eq "e" set %1=%oldenv;%2
    if "%3" eq ""  set %1=%oldenv;%2
  unset /q oldenv
  quit 0
  if %_batch eq 1 echo %@upper[%0]: %2 already in `%`%1!
  unset /q oldenv
  quit 1

***** DELENV.BTM *****

@echo off
if "%debug" eq "%0" echo on

goto start

echo    %@upper[%0] — Removes given value from the specified environment variable.
echo    Usage: %@upper[%0] `<`envvar`>` `<value>`
echo    See also ADDENV.
quit 0

if "%1" eq "" .or. "%1" eq "/?" goto help

set oldenv=%%%1
iff %@index[%oldenv;,%2;] ne -1 then
  rem Find the beginning of the value to be deleted. Pad the value and
  rem the environment by ; so that all values are followed by ;
  set delenv_b=%@index[%oldenv;,%2;]
  rem Find the end of the value to be deleted
  set delenv_e=%@eval[%delenv_b+%@len[%2;]]
  rem If, because of the appended ; to the value, the end of the value
  rem to be deleted exceeds the length of the environment variable,
  rem reduce it by 1.
  if %delenv_e gt %@len[%oldenv] set delenv_e=%@eval[%delenv_e-1]
  rem Set the new environment value as the beginning plus the ending
  set %1=%@substr[%oldenv,0,%delenv_b]%@substr[%oldenv,%delenv_e]
  rem unset the locally created environment variables
  unset /q oldenv delenv_b delenv_e
  quit 0
  if %_batch eq 1 echo %@upper[%0]: %2 not in `%`%1!
  unset /q oldenv
  quit 1

Feedback welcome.

Ravi Shukla

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Dos 6.2 Upgrade and PC-NFS

Help ! ! I have  upgraded to Dos 6.2 and everything works fine until….I
start PC-NFS 5.0 and Windows for Worgroups 3.1 and then shortly after
Windows is loaded the system hangs up. No mouse movement no nothing. I
can run packet drivers and Windows for Workgroups and everything seems
happy. The system is a 486-66 with all the bells and whistles.  I spoke
to Microsoft Tech centre and as far as they know everything should be ok.
I spoke to our Computer centre regarding a possible upgrade for PC-NFS
5.0 and Dos 6.2 and they never heard of such a thing.

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Possible 4dos bug/misfeature??

I tried to redirect the output of Borlands grep program version 3.0
to a file named "p1.i".  I got an error message about sectors not
being found.  Disk doctor saw no problems with the hard drive even
after the long sector check.  The problem seemed to lie with p1.i
already existing in the directory.  4dos was willing to overwrite
say… "p1.inf", but not "p1.i".  I was not using a disk caching
software and seemed to do this just fine.

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