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The DOS "" for "/"

        I remember at one time I read that there was a program that would
substitute the "/" for "\" so we could use unix like paths.  I know 4dos does
most of this but not the first one because it thinks it is a switch parameter.
I think it was called "switch", actually.  If anyone has an idea as to what I
am talking about could they direct me to the appropriate source for this TSR.

        Thanks in advanced!!!!

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Point&Shoot in SELECT

Hi there!
Does anybody know a way to `point & shoot’ from within the SELECT-list, just by pressing the first character of a SELECTED-file (followed by Enter)? Compare for instance NortonCommander for this technique. Am I overlooking something (in 4DOS 5.0C

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Sorting of the DIR command

Can someone explain this?

 Volume in drive C is JEROENS.PC  
 Directory of  c:\temp\*.*

0test               0  11-01-94  17:21
00test              0  11-01-94  17:21
00test.mid          0  11-01-94  17:21
01test              0  11-01-94  17:21
1test               0  11-01-94  17:21
001test             0  11-01-94  17:21
01test.mid          0  11-01-94  17:21
001test.mid         0  11-01-94  17:21
1test.mid           0  11-01-94  17:21
02test              0  11-01-94  17:21
02test.mid          0  11-01-94  17:21
test                0  11-01-94  17:21
test.mid            0  11-01-94  17:21
           0 bytes in 13 file(s)                 0 bytes allocated
   9.869.312 bytes free

Why goes 001test.mid _after_ 01test instead of _before_ (as it should be

Why does test comes after 1test, but goes 00test before 001test?

Et cetera.

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CommandSep "," SEEN BY 4DOS AS &&

Hi again:

        I didn’t make myself clear in my last article and that’s my
own fault.  I know that the && will separate commands and run
subsequent commands only if the previous commands were successful.
        What I’m looking for is a way to make the system think I’m
typing COMMAND[SPACE]&&[SPACE]COMMAND when I’m actually just typing
COMMAND,COMMAND.  In other words I want to have the system see:

        When what I’m *really* typing is:

        In other words, "alias" the space&&space with just my comma between
commands.  I’ve found that using a comma as a command separator makes input
much faster and less stressful (grin) on the hands.
        Sorry I wasn’t clearer in my last article.  Any help with this would
be appreciated.  In fact I’ll bet there are lots of people who wouldn’t mind
using a single-key command separator that would do the same thing that &&

                                Thanks very much!

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I have a problem for making a Programm.
I would like make a Programm, this into write the File "test.txt" the Text
"hallo this a text" and a many variable.
But 4dos V5.0 Rev.:A mean unknow Command @fileclose[0] etc.

Can anybody help me ???
Can I decide a position for a Text in a file ?? When yes, how can I
realize the programm ?!

This is my Programm

@echo off

set a=1000
%@FILEOPEN[test.txt, write]
%@FILEWRITE[2,hallo this is a test]

Thanx for all

PS: Sorry for my bad english..
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I want the dir command to use standard bios screen writes as I am
running a TSR which will pause the listing after one screen full and
wait for a keypress. The /p option of dir is unusable as the ‘press any
key’ or so line also scrolls up and remains in the the dir listing (and
I want this pausing feature not only for dir but for everything else

Contrary to my expectation, putting OutputBIOS=Yes into 4dos.ini does
not help here, i.e., longer dir listings still rush over the screen
without stopping.

Does this .ini directive do anything at all?  
Do I miss something?

Christian Burger, Dept.of Phys.Chemistry, University of Marburg, Germany
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What's better, ndos or 4dos?

     Hopefully I won’t start a flame war but….
     I would like to get peoples opinions on 4dos and ndos
(Norton Dos from Norton 7.0).  Specifically, which one is better,
more useful, etc.

Thanks in advance,
— Nick Kralevich

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Can I change or disable the "*<command>" alias override?

If I have, what would otherwise be, an internal command aliased to
something else…. is there any way to prevent someone else from using
the asterisk to override the alias and getting to the real internal
command? Or, perhaps, change it to another character?

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How to prevent a .BAT or .BTM file from being interrupted with Ctrl-C

I’d like to prevent the user from interrupting a batch file (.BAT as
well as .BTM) with Ctrl-C.  In other words, I want Ctrl-C to do
NOTHING when a .BAT or .BTM file is being processed.  Is there a way
to do this?


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4DOS 5.0 revision C – where?

Anyone out there have revision C? If so could you kindly upload it to Simtel?
It was announced on other nets prior to Christmas, but, as usual, Usenet
got left out of the loop again. And although the announcement says that
it’ll be put on Simtel shortly after Christmas, it still isn’t there.
         Tom Sorensen

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