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Missing features of 4OS2

 With CMD.EXE when you type ‘TYPE FILENAME’ the filename is searched into
the current directory and then into the DPATH. 4OS2 searches only the current
directory, I think this should be added for compatibility.

And also the following code the works perfectly under CMD but breaks under
/* Rexx program */
‘COPY’ FileName BackFile ’2>&1 1>NUL | RXQUEUE’

What happends with CMD is:
 - stdout (1) is redirected to NUL
 - stderr (2) is redirected to stdout (not NUL !)
 - only error messages get sent through the pipe to RXQUEUE

Under 4OS2 both stdout and stderr are redirected to NUL and of course nothing
can be piped.

This is a important compatibility problem for us because many Rexx scripts
used in our group rely in this feature to extract only error messages.
Could this be changed too?

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proposal for the list cmd

When dreaming about unix’s multitasking I had 2 ideas for list:

1) switch for invoking an editor from list, so when viewing a file, then
   a hotkey would make me edit it instead.
2) let me delete the file I’m currently viewing.

Just my ideas for a better 4dos

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Rex (or whoever),
Are you guys looking for beta sites to run the next version of 4NT, either in
general or on Daytona?  If so, I would like to volunteer…


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STD Error

I use 4Dos at home & love it.  I do not use it at work.  I have a need
at work to pipe the standard error to a file.  In 4Dos it is real
simple, just type:

dir >& stderr.log

however, is there a way that this can be done without 4Dos?  

Please send any responses to:  rmor…



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Two 4DOS misfeatures

I’m running 4DOS 5.0 revision E. Here are the 4DOS bugs I discovered

1) LIST wraps lines longer than 512 characters. This should be fixed,
   or at least warned about in the on-screen help (I would much rather
   it were fixed though; some of us really do need to look at very
   wide text files).

2) DO doesn’t work except in batch files. Why not? Is there something
   immoral about typing do 5^echo hello^enddo from the prompt?

Tony Lezard
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GLOBAL problem

Has anyone else had trouble with GLOBAL under 4DOS 5.0?  I’m using
4DOS 5.0d with DOS 5.0 and tried:
        global describe *.* "XYZ"
What happened was it processed the current diectory, the first subdir,
the first subdirs first subdir, and so on.  It stopped when it hit bottom
and didn’t go on to any second subdirs.  When I did "dir" there were no
descriptions anywhere.  Closer inspection revealed that the current
directory’s DESCRIPT.ION contained descriptions for the directory at
the bottom of the tree, and since none of the filenames in it matched
the current directory no descriptions were displayed by DIR.

Anyone else have this problem? Does 4DOS 5.0e fix it?  Where is 5.0e anyway?

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What’s the outlook on a "4unix" shell replacement?


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make 4dos dir like dos dir?

  I have enjoyed using 4dos, but htere is one option that I like in dos more.
  In dos, the dir command would list the files in order of the order that
they were placed in the directory, not by date or name.  I liked this
because often I know that I want to look at a file that I put in the
directory a few files ago, but I can’t remember the name.
  How can I make the 4dos dir act like the dos dir? Can I make an alias
that uses the original  How?  Thanks for your help


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HELP: 4zip

I’ve recently downloaded a copy of 4zip from the simtel ftp site.  I’d love to
use its ability to store descriptions along with zipped files but I get the
following error report:

Error 3 when executing PKZIP in 4ZIP

I have pkzip version 2.04g on the path, 604K of low memory and 8Megs of
expanded memory and an AMD 486DX2 50MHz processor.  I am using dblspace to
provide disk compression on a partitioned drive but the error occurs the same
independent of where I keep the 4zip and pkzip executables.  Also I have all
TSR loaded high – is there a memory clash occuring?

Thanks for any help – I can’t wait to try using 4zip

Peter Rodgers

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4DOS 5.0 Rev F Uploaded

JP Software is pleased to announce the release of 4DOS 5.0 revision F.

This revision makes two minor changes in the previous revision of 4DOS:
It fixes a problem with identifying the CPU chip which could cause
a system hang on newer 486 and Pentium systems, and it makes the
necessary internal changes for MS-DOS 6.22 DRVSPACE compressed drive
support (4DOS still supports DBLSPACE in all applicable versions of
MS-DOS as well).

Complete new copies of 4DOS are now available in the following files
in the free conference (conference 5) on the Channel 1 BBS in Boston
(617-354-5776, 2400 – 14400 baud N81), and in our new Internet ftp area
(see below for details):

               4DOS50A.ZIP    4DOS 5.0 rev F part A
               4DOS50B.ZIP    4DOS 5.0 rev F part B

Those who have a previous revision of 4DOS 5.0 should download one or
more of the patch files listed below.  These files are also available
from the Internet and Channel 1.  They update previous revisions to
the latest release as noted in the description of each patch file. If
you need to update more than one "step" you must download all of the
necessary patch files.

To use the patch files you must also have JP Software’s PATCH.EXE program,
also available on Channel 1 and the Internet, in the file 4DPATCH.ZIP.

To determine what version of 4DOS you are running, use the VER /R command.

The patch files are:

               4D50B.ZIP      Updates 4DOS 5.0 rev A to rev B
               4D50C.ZIP      Updates 4DOS 5.0 rev B to rev C
               4D50D.ZIP      Updates 4DOS 5.0 rev C to rev D
               4D50E.ZIP      Updates 4DOS 5.0 rev D to rev E
               4D50F.ZIP      Updates 4DOS 5.0 rev E to rev F

JP Software files are now available via Internet ftp, from, as

      /vendors/jpsoft            General information and files for
                                 all products
      /vendors/jpsoft/4dos       4DOS files
      /vendors/jpsoft/4os2       4OS2 files
      /vendors/jpsoft/4dosnt     4DOS/NT files

For a listing of files in a directory, with descriptions, get the file
named ‘index’ from that directory.  All file names are in lower case.

All files will also be available by late tonight (6/24) eastern US time as
usual from our support area on CompuServe (GO JPSOFT or GO PCVENB, library 10,
JP Software; file names are slightly different).

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