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Caveman Problem

 > I can’t get Caveman as default!  I have it installed as a device=
 > in system.ini; I’ve gone into VM setup, and "Run DOS in Caveman"
 > is checked; the tcmd.ini DOSApps section is empty; but still,
 > every external command I issue goes into the special window.  I
 > know it IS installed, because START /CM works perfectly well.
 > What’s up?

The only thing I can think of is that you have .PIF files for the apps.  That
will force them to run in separate windows, as noted in the docs.

                                                  … Tom

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Take command questions

1. Is there any way to associate external DOS programs (assuming caveman is
not being used for them) with a single PIF which could then launch the DOS
program in a windowed VM rather than full screen one ? It seems sort of silly
to have to create a PIF for every such program just to do this (common) thing.
In other words, could TCMD "winlaunch" 4DOS.PIF <command-line> instead of just
<command-line> or something along these lines ?

2. Is there a way to have an external DOS program launched in a VM pause
before closing the VM ? If you type "mem", for example, it runs in a VM,
outputs its stuff, then the VM terminates. You cannot see what it output.

Of course, you can use an alias to accomplish both of the above, but you then
have to enter the alias too.

I may be overlooking something as I just started playing with TCMD

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4DOS vs Boot ROM?

Hi, There:

I got a problem of using 4DOS with Diskless workstation.
The environment:
Netware 3.12 server
AE-200JL Jumpless Network Card w/ Boot ROM

If I turn on the Swapping of 4DOS,
the PC hangs tightly.
If I turn off the swapping, everything is fine.

Any suggestion is appreciated.
Thank you.


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Re: Problem with simple DOS apps under Take Command.

I found out that somehow my ANSI driver is messing up TCMD. If I use the
Microsoft one, TCMD caveman works fine. Why might this be ?

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Re your request for bug report in TCMD scrolling….

  Re my report that history "freezes" in TCMD, and your request for further
    I now have the scrolling/history set to permanently to "swapped" in the
"Options"-"Configure Take Command"-"Command line" menu.   History works
fine with the up/down arrows UNTIL I press "CTRL up/down arrow" to scroll
the screen up or down one line. At this point the normal "up/down arrow"
(history) has no effect (nothing happens) (that’s what I meant by
"freezing") UNTIL I hit Return, or Esc and a new DOS command – after which
the up/down arrow history function is restored as before.  In other words
scrolling disables history temporarily.

    This does not happen unless the scroll/history actions have been
reversed.  Hope this is a little clearer…..  Let me know if it still is

Derek Rowell

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Take Command window font

Rex Conn ", 4DOS (71333….@COMPUSERVE.COM) wrote:
:  > Not just ANSI sequences – straightforward high-bit graphics
:  > characters cause problems.  Consider the following simple btm
:  > file:
: It’s not exactly a TCMD issue; the problem is with the font you’re using.  If
: you want the line drawing characters you have to use a font that supports those
: characters (such as Terminal).

I too would like more and better font choices for the Take Command
window.  But I did find one acceptable TrueType font that solves the
problem with the upper ASCII line drawing characters: MS LineDraw.  MS
LineDraw looks just like Courier New (another TrueType font), but its
upper ASCII characters match those in the Terminal font.

MS LineDraw comes free from Microsoft.  It’s installed automatically
with Microsoft Office 4.x (actually Word 6.0, I think).  It also used to
be available in Microsoft’s SoftLib download library, which is where I
first found it.  I’m sorry, but I don’t have any more information about
filenames or Internet sources.

                                Sande Nissen
                                Administrative Computing Services
                                Carleton College
                                Internet: snis…
                                CompuServe: [74716,3673]

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Fastest way to display last line of file?

Hi, What’s the fastest way to display the last line of a text file? It
may contain several, or hundreds of lines of text.

I can think of something like this, but was wondering if there’s a faster
and more efficient way….

for %i in (file) do (
echo %i

Or, is there a way to add new-text to the front of a file? ‘>>’ will
append to the end, is there something similar that allow you to put it to
the front of the file?

Thanks a lot.


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And so I ask again… Anyone has the proper syntax for the
VIDEO_MODE_RESTRICTION=CGA ? I can’t get it to work..?


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TakeCommand 1.0

Hi ya all,

excellent job again, JP Soft. Take Command is something I’ve been looking for
in Windows for a very long time. It’s almost a window manager for MS Windows.
Few strange things though:
1. START "window title" /C anyapp.exe does not work if I specify a window title
2. ACTIVATE "Solitaire" MIN works fine and the window is minimized, but
    ACTIVATE "Solitaire" CLOSE does not work, although it’s in the help file.
3. Is there a way to get a list of all open windows in TakeCommand?
This way I can write a script that provides me with Unix like PS and KILL

Any ideas anyone?


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COPY cmd error…?

I’ve attempted to copy 3 files into one, but it doesn’t seem to be working.
My shell is NDOS (yes yes, i know… 4dos 5.5 as soon as i can get the money
for it).  It doesn’t work… it makes the output file smaller.  I use:

copy [file1] + [file2] + [file3] [outputfile]

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but it has to be something.  Any

Christopher JP
The Locker Gnome

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