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Country Code problem in Dbase IV

I am running dBase IV on LAN-MANAGER. Before it gets to dBase, I get
message "System is not configured for current code-page".  The next prompt is
I am running dBase IV ver 2.0 on LAN-MANAGER. Before it gets to dBase, I get
message "System is not configured for current code-page".  The next prompt is
to select quit or continue.  If I select continue, my dBase program works fine.

In order to get rid of the error message, I put COUNTRY command in my
config.sys in any form that MS-DOS 6.0 suggests.
Some examples are:

I have also added the DEVICE command to my config.sys. Although I have
tried all of the above commands in my config.sys, I still get the same
error message.

Any suggestions on how I can get rid of this error message will be appreciated.

                                        Teresa Feck
                                        System Manager

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Odd LIST behavior/Bug Report

(Note – this is being sent to the Reply-To: address in a posting by Rex Conn
to comp.os.msdos.4Dos)

As you already know, TCmd is very cool.  I installed it today, and have
found a very strange problem.  Since I use ‘less’ instead of ‘more’ in dos
(w/4Dos), I had to make a change when I moved to TC, and decided to try
‘list’.  Since list prompts for a filename unless /s is given, I made the
following alias:

     alias m `iff %# == 0 then^list /s^else^list %&^endiff`

The only problem is that when I use it in a pipe, it doesn’t work.  List
says that it is reading from stdin, but it has no data.  To be exact, the
command "dir | m" shows an empty list window on stdin, while the command
"dir | list /s" shows the directory listing.

Since I do not usually use List with 4Dos, I just tried the same thing in a
4Dos (5.5c) window, and got the same results – with the alias, a blank
screen; without (using) the alias, a correct screen.

Although TC can scroll back, I would like to be able to use list’s search
etc too, and I’m sure to forget to type the /s quite often!

I am not (yet) registered for TC or 4Dos 5.5, but have a registered copy of
4Dos 4.0.

     Thanks –


Chris Olds     CO…

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Phone dialer

For those of us who work from the command line it would be nice to
be able to store names and telephone numbers in a text file and
then run a DIAL.BTM file to pick a phone number from the list and
dial it.  Most of the phone dialers that I’ve seen have been
pretty overloaded with features, and generally take so long to get
the modem off hook and actually dial that I’ve given up and simply
use DOS FIND to locate phone numbers and dial them manually.  It
seems to me that someone with a bit more knowledge than me could
write a 4DOS DIAL.BTM file that would (perhaps combined with FIND)
do the trick.  A friend of mine told me there’s a small utility
called AT which sends a command string to the modem.

I sort of assume that the data file would look something like

     Ben Cohen 1-708-965-8142
     Sam Jones 555-1212

FIND "Cohen" <filename> would generate a standard output of

     Ben Cohen 1-708-965-8142

The non-numeric content should then be stripped and the rest sent
to the modem with an AT DT prefix.

With a DIAL.BTM file like this I could simply type:


and pick up the phone when I get a ringing signal.  I suppose to
make it tidy one could then hit a key to cause the modem to hang

In the example I’ve shown the area code and the dialing prefix in
the data file when needed; it would be more versatile if the
dialing prefix was omitted and the BAT/BTM file knew the area code
(for portability), but that would presumably slow things down and
I’m all for quick and dirty.

Anybody up to trying their hand at this?

 þ SLMR 2.1a þ

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I know that you probably will say that I should go to Symantec with
this, but I figured that you’d be a better bet for useful info.  :-)

I just switched to Warp and am using NDOS from NU 8 as my command shell
in DOS.  I was wondering if it was possible to write a batch file to work
as a screensaver.  I seem to remember somebody talking about this a
while back.

I have SSAVER set up already, but it only works for the PM and full
screen OS/2 sessions.  It won’t blank a DOS session as far as I can
tell.  I tried a few DOS screen savers, but none seem to work.  I
thought that since NDOS has control over text and ANSI colors, that I
could have it blank the screen.  Can it be done?

I also plan to look at 4OS2 and get the functionality I’m used to with
DOS.  I saw several 4OS2 archives on a BBS, but it was kind of
confusing as to what was what.  Which archives do I need?  I assume I
want the 32 bit version, but there were a bunch of different files there
and it wasn’t very clear what was needed for a complete install.

Is TCMD useful for Win-OS/2?  (Hey, do you offer a package deal here for
all three products?  <g>  Actually, I think I could only budget for one
at a time anyway.)

Do any of the docs for the latest versions of your programs include
advice tailored to Warp?  If not, I assume I should just follow the tips
for ver 2.1.

Thank you for slogging through my long series of questions.  I think
NDOS (and 4DOS of course) is a fabulous product.  I was really lost
without it until I figured out that I could use it as my shell in DOS
under Warp.  I’ve only been running Warp for 4 days, so I’m still
feeling my way around.  :-)

– Haggis 1.0:
Ah come on, just this one last little feature

  Entered on 01/13/95 at 10:07:43

PC-Ohio PCBoard        
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calling programs from 4dos batch files

In a unix shell script I can include something like the following:

        echo "Here is the report: " `grep -c text filename`

This will execute the grep command and display the output (the number
of times the string "text" is encountered in the file "filename") to the
screen. In other words, what I’ll see is something like:

        Here is the report: 102

Now: how do I do this is a 4dos or 4os2 batch file? (I have grep; the
problem is how to execute it from within a batch file and have its
output inserted into the screen display.)


David J. Birnbaum                    Voice: 412-687-4653
3955 Bigelow Blvd, #802              Fax:   412-624-9714
Pittsburgh, PA 15213 USA             Email: djbpi…

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What is 4DOS?

| Sorry, but I’m ignorant.  I never heard of 4DOS.  What is it, and why
| would I want to use it?

Put quite simply:

   It is the best alternate DOS COMMAND.COM replacement around.

   It has 99% more functionality and will do everything.

   I used to have bunches of TSRs (command History, command Alias, etc.)

   It replaced those

   I had commands for coloured directory lists.

   It replaced that


Just download it and see for yourself (I’m sure someone will tell you
where from).  It’s free to try for a month, so you won’t lose a thing.


##MMR 2.46..  !link GD  1-15-95 22:43

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Re: filesize limit with ffind?

In article <950117161412_71333.202_DHQ10…@CompuServe.COM>,
71333….@COMPUSERVE.COM (Rex Conn , 4DOS) writes:

- — -

> Msg-ID: <950117161412_71333.202_DHQ10…@CompuServe.COM>
> Posted: 17 Jan 1995 08:57:09 -0800

> Org.  : BIOSCI International Newsgroups for Molecular Biology

>  > Is there a filesize limit with the ffind command?

> There isn’t a filesize limit; however, there _is_ a bug in the latest
> revs that
> causes FFIND to fail past a certain size (the size varies depending on
> whether
> you’re running 4DOS, TCMD, 4OS2, or 4NT).  It’s been fixed for the next
> rev
> which should be out very soon.

>         – Rex

I hope that means new revisions of 4DOS/TCMD/4OS2/4NT :)


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Environment in 4NT

I am confused with something in 4NT, if I start a DOS program in NT… like


does that DOS session inherit the environment variables from the 4NT
session? If not, how does 4NT initialize the DOS session?


Kenny Luk

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In article <1995Jan18.025352.32…>,
agr… (The Thunder God) wrote:

> what has happened to…. i cant seem to be able to ftp to
> it.. i get an unknown host message…

I’m currently connected to it.

Thomas Skogestad <+> tho…@kjemi.unit no <+>

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Imagewriter II with MS-DOS?

A few weeks ago I purchased a PC from a business that was upgrading their
computers.  Until that time, I had used a Mac, with an Imagewriter II printer.
am trying to get the Imagewriter to work on my PC, but I need some help.  I thin
I have the proper cables (pretty sure), but I can’t find any driver software to
get it to work.  What will work, and if so, do I need to change the DIP settings
on the Imagewriter?   Where can I get a driver?

I know there are some people who have done this sort of a hookup before, but I
can’t as of yet seem to find anyone to help me figure it out.  Any help would be
greatly appreciated.

Adam Wilcox

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