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GLOBAL and Netware

 > From: David Henretty <da…@MADGE1.MADGE.CO.UK>
 > Subject:      GLOBAL problem with Netware

 > Is there a known problem with the 4DOS internal command, GLOBAL ?
 > I can do GLOBAL dir on a network drive successfully, but when I
 > try GLOBAL purge, I only traverse about 18 subdirectories and then
 > stop. Is this a netware (3.11) problem or a 4DOS one ?

GLOBAL is probably running too many open searches for your server.  From the
4DOS Intro Guide:

        Under Netware version 3 and above, 4DOS commands which scan
        directory tree (e.g. COPY /S, DIR /S, GLOBAL, etc.) may stop
        without scanning the entire tree, and without displaying an
        error message.  This happens when such commands exceed the
        size of the directory search table on your server; this is a
        Netware design issue and not a 4DOS bug.  You can fix this
        problem by having your system administrator increase the
        Maximum Oustanding NCP Searches parameter for the server in

Try that and see if it helps.

                                                  … Tom Rawson
                                                      JP Software

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 > From: John Thompson <j…@EDSI.ORG>
 > Subject:      Re: 4OS2 ffind & select problems

I checked into this.

The first problem (jump to a blank screen, requiring PgUp) is already fixed for
the next release.

The second problem (failure to find some text) may be due to another bug, also
fixed for the next release, where FFIND was not searching beyond the first 64K
of a file in some cases.  Would that explain what you saw?

                                                  … Tom Rawson
                                                      JP Software

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Wanted: Fonts for Take Command!

Does anybody have any good terminal fonts for Take Command?
If they do can they let me know what they are or e-mail me a copy.

Thanx in advance


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loadhigh after adding 4dos

Apparently suddenly, the lh mscdex command in my autoiexec will no longer
work and the cdrom cannot be recognized. ‘Plain’ mscdex etc command does

the only thing thats been changing is adding more alias’ to alias file
and now getting out of alias space error message. Is this related?

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FFIND and SELECT Problems

 > From: John Thompson <j…@EDSI.ORG>
 > Subject:      Re: 4OS2 FFIND & SELECT

 > When can we expect the new release?  And as long as I’ve got you
 > here, any clues on a release date for Take Command/2?

Sorry, no advance notice on release dates … the Customer Service staff goes
nuts if we do that, understandably so.  I have an idea on the first one, but I
can’t tell you <g>.  The second one, I truly don’t know.  It is in beta, but
there is more testing to do and a few more things to complete.

                                                  … Tom

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Can the DATE format in TCMD be changed?

Hi, I’d like to know if it’s possible to change the format of dates used in
TCMD. TCMD seems to default to YY/MM/DD and I prefer MM/DD/YY. How do I make
this change? Could it have anything to do with the fact that I’m using Chinese

_____/\__Ross Campbell_III___________Godzilla…\_____
|   I never forget a face, but in your case I’ll make an exception! G.Marx  |

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TakeCommand/32 in WIN32S?


I’ve tried the Take Command package and have found it very useful. I noticed also
that there is a version for 32bit platforms. Does this include WIN32S? I tried
installing it, but it just exited when I clicked on the OK button, after starting

More general: Can WIN32S run all WIN/NT software, or software claiming 32bit
platform compatibility (without directly specifying WIN/NT)

Thanks for any help,

- Marcel

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ANSI characters in list?


Can someone tell me whether it is possible to redirect output containing ANSI
character sequences (i.e. using colour) to the list /s command? I can not figure
out how? Is there a way around this?

‘more’ does do the job, but allows no scrolling back.

Anyone any good ideas?


- Marcel

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@Fileread help

Hi ..

        I’m writting a small scanner frequency viewer and need some help.
Everything is comming along nicely however I have run into one problem.
With fileread you can read the NEXT line in the opened file, however I
also need to be able to go back and read the previous line, or go back
six lines. Is there a way to go backwards through the file as well as
forwards? I could see no "previous" variation of the fileread command.

Any help appreciated,


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Does not work with WFW 3.11 I've noticed that when I installed 4dos on just one machine linked to a windows for workgroups network causes alot of problems for that machine and the network. It is recognised as being on the network by other machines but you cannot access it in any way. When you try it crashes, and if you try accessing other pcs on the network from that machine it will also crash etc etc not nice.

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