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4dos 5.51, Win95 and Novell drivers?

   If I change config.sys in an attempt to make 4dos the main command
processor (by adding the shell=c:\4dos….. line at the end of it), Windows 95
tells me that it can’t load the driver


   and then claims that it shouldn’t affect normal operation of Windows. It
then goes on to crash rather heavily. I’m running the Novell real-mode

   If I comment out the shell= line in config.sys everything works fine.
Anyone got any ideas?


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teac cd rom trouble under win95

Unless I’m confused, Windows 95 does not have any drivers for Teac 4X CD
ROM drives.  Anyone know where I can find them? I have a TEAC Model
CD-55A drive.  Also Win95 can’t "find" the CD ROM even though I installed
Win95 from the CD.  Now Windows says the CD ROM drive is operating in "MS
DOS Compatability" mode.  I had no problems in WFW 3.11.  Any help would
be appreciated.

Please reply to ker… – Thanks in advance!

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HELP: Logical partitions lost!

Hi there,

I experience a vey disapointing problem:
My HDD was partitioned in 4 (C, D E and F) equal parts (130Megs each).
After a BIOS trouble (at boot time, the system reported a CMOS trouble
and loaded the BIOS default).
Now I can only see & reach drive C: of 130 Mega.
Fdisk reports 2 partitions, but can not see the details (D E & F) of the second partition.

Is there any possibility to recover those drives??
I guess the data is not actually erased, only the FAT or like so…

Thank you very much for any help.

Guillaume LEMOINE.

PS: please reply directly to my e-mail: glemo…

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RENAME 3rd parameter

 > From: "J. Edward Sanchez" <j…@TRIDEL.COM.PH>
 > Subject:      Undocumented RENAME third parameter: missing!

 > I have a question about REN/RENAME though: COMMAND.COM 7.0
 > supports an undocumented third parameter to the REN command that
 > controls the way 8.3-character aliases are generated.

There is no good way to do this in 4DOS using the COMMAND.COM syntax because we
already support multiple names (e.g. ren file1 file2 file3 *.dat) and a simple "
0" on the end would be taken as the target name.  However we could consider
doing it with a switch.  I see the value of it.

 > P.S. How about some functions for returning the long filename
 > given the short, and vice versa? And a hotkey for toggling between
 > the two on the command line? Cool!

Both of these ideas are already on our list to look at for the next revision.
 Our beta testers suggested them, but too late in the 5.51 beta to make it in to
this release.

                                                  … Tom

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For those of you who have run into problems in this are please note that:

        – Problems with QEMM 7.5 itself (exceptions etc.) can
          be avoided by eliminating the LOADHI command on the
          SHELL line in CONFIG.SYS and loading 4DOS normally.
          Then add a UMBLoad=Yes to 4DOS.INI to allow 4DOS to
          load itself high (you may also want to use
          UMBEnvironment and perhaps UMBAlias etc.).

        – Problems with OPTIMIZE can be addressed by adding
          4DOS.COM to the OPTIMIZE.NOT file (some say this is
          called OPTIMIZE.EXC, I’m not sure of the difference).
          This prevents OPTIMIZE from adding the above-mentioned
          LOADHI and also prevents problems within the OPTIMIZE

We have contacted Quarterdeck and they are aware of these problems as well, and
are working on them.  This work may result in actual program changes, or
documentation changes to reflect the above comments.

It’s not clear yet whether the problem is in QEMM, OPTIMIZE, or 4DOS, but given
the oddities of _all_ DOS startup sequences (there is little documented about
them) I suspect the underlying problem is some assumptions being made by QEMM /
OPTIMIZE which are reasonable on their own, but which turn out to be incorrect
for 4DOS 5.51.  IOW, it’s probably nobody’s "fault" but simply a matter of
working in somewhat uncharted territory.

                                                  … Tom Rawson
                                                      JP Software

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Using %@UNIQUE[.]

 > From: km3 <k…@XS4ALL.NL>
 > Subject:      using %@unique[.]

 > But when I use: move *.col %@name[%@unique[.]].col
 > I get a can’t create file error.

You bet.  If %@UNIQUE returns "12345678" that command expands to:

        move *.col 12345678.col

The FOR approach delays expansion of the @UNIQUE until the MOVE is executed,
which is what you need.  It shouldn’t be slow unless the directory is quite
large, in whcih case the MOVE will be slow too.

                                                  … Tom

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4DOS 5.51 and OS/2 Warp

 > From: Rafael Cintron <gte1…@ACMEX.GATECH.EDU>
 > Subject:      4DOS 2.51 and OS/2 Warp

 > Now, not only do I have to press a key when I start DOS sessions
 > but my seamless Windows session are messed up because OS/2 is
 > waiting around for someone to press a key before loading windows.
 > My question is: 1) What in the world is a 4DOS setup error 1.  2)
 > How can I get rid of it?

As Mike says 4DOS cannot find its files.  Download build 44 which (a) fixes a
problem in finding the files (that should take care of it for you), and (b) in
case you still have trouble, changes the message to a more informative one and
removes the keypress requirement.

                                                  … Tom

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Setup Error 1 in 4DOS/NT??

 > From: Cartier Hung <cart…@HK.SUPER.NET>
 > Subject:      Re: Setup Error 1

 > The problem is interesting. I have run the same copy of 4DOS/NT 2.
 > 51 on two machine, one is 486DX2-66 with 32MB, the another one is
 > 486DX4-100 with 16MB. both of them running NT 3.51 and the
 > newshell 2 (win95 look shell)

You need to tell me EXACTLY what you do to generate the error.  You should never
see such an error under 4DOS/NT and I am baffled as to why you are getting it.

Have you perhaps modified CONFIG.NT for your _DOS_ programs on the machine in
question?  Do you get this problem all the time, or only when starting DOS

                                                  … Tom Rawson
                                                      JP Software

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Setup Error 2

 > From: Paul Lush <p…@INFERNO.MANAWATU.GEN.NZ>
 > Subject:      Setup Errors

 > I just installed 5.51 over the top of 5.50, now I get "setup error
 > number 2, press any key to continue".  Bugger me if I can find
 > anything in the docs about this error, so I need to know two
 > things.  What does this error mean, and more importantly, how the
 > hell do I get rid of it

Your help file is out of date.  Either you did not unzip the new one, or (more
likely) you have a HelpPath directive in 4DOS.INI which points to the old help

                                                  … Tom

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Missing text cursor

 > From: Derek Rowell <drow…@MIT.EDU>
 > Subject:      Missing text cursor in 4DOS 5.51 window….

 > I have no text cursor showing in the 4DOS 5.51 window. It’s there
 > in a Take Command window….and it was there in 5.5. Any
 > suggestions?   Thanks in advance….

No clue.  There were few or no changes in that area.  What are your sursor shape
settings (SETDOS /S or CursorIns / CursorOver).

                                                  … Tom

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