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When I posted the message, I wanted people interested to E-MAIL. I don’t
want to clog up the newsgroup, and I don’t have time to check the group
for interested parties. When you contact me, I will ask you some
questions, and give you the site and passcode for the beta program on my


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Configuring take command for windoze 95

Hi all:

I just got TAKE COMMAND FOR WIN95  and would apreciate help
configuring it for win 95.

It did not recognise the 3d dll and would not runn, that somhow fixed

IAny comments would be apreciated.

Derryl Killan

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Re: MS DOS help needed

Joe Plescia                             <jples…> wrote:

>Does any one know how to get fdisk (dos ver 6.2) to partition
>a disk bigger than 500meg?  I have an approx 840 ide drive and
>fdisk does not let me part. it mode than approx 500m….
>Norton show the correct size…bios/cmos shows the correct size too…
>Any Ideas???

FDISK is fine.  Your problem lies deeper.  Specifically, your BIOS
cannot see more than 1024 cylinders on the drive.


(1) a new motherboard.  If you’ve been thinking about getting one,
this would be a good time.  If you’ve been thinking about upgrading
from a 386SX to a 386DX, or a 386 to a 486, or a 486 to a Pentium, you
want a new motherboard not just a new processor.

(2) a new EIDE disk controller card which includes an automatic BIOS
patching function.  It will be able to handle the disk drive(s) you
have.  Note: it is possible your current motherboard has the disk
controller on it; if so, you’ll need the motherboard manual to find
how to disable that controller.  More likely your disk controller is
on a separate card, which you will remove — just move all the cables
from it to similarly-labelled connectors on the new card.

(3) a new BIOS.  If you don’t know how to get the necessary
information for this, I suggest taking your computer into the shop.  I
am not going to try to explain it in text — that would be similar to
writing a detailed explanation of how to tie shoelaces.

(4) a software BIOS patch.  There is one called Disk Manager which
probably came with your drive.  This is the cheap, easy, least
desirable approach.

<Followups should be trimmed, but I have no idea where this guy was
posting from.>

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Changing line in file using 4DOS

        Anybody know how to use the 4DOS commands @file—- etc
        to change a line in a file at startup?

        I want to change a specific line in my win.ini like:

        IF %day == Fri "change win.ini line 6 to abcdefg"

        or maybe delete line 6 and add a new one using similar method?

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Re: 4dos/win95 problems

Are you using a 32-bit version of 4-dos ??!?!!

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Missing operating system????

Hello to all…

I have a notebook computer that when it boots up gives me a "Missing operating
system" message after the bios message….

I reloaded MS-DOS 6.2 but it is still giving me the same message…..

I am able to boot off of a: drive ok but it doesn’t seem to see the
"" located in the root of the c: drive….

Any help would be kindly appreciated….please email directly to
ffuc……..thanking you in advance

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NC with 4DOS?

As I recently installed 4DOS, I’m just wondering ..would there be any
possibility to use it with Norton Commander using <TAB> and having
coloured filenames INSIDE Norton Commander?

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Help with emm386 needed

Can anyone tell me how can I get information about using
extended memory as expanded memory to break the 1M dos
barrier in real mode. How does it work? How to program?

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Attn: comp.os.msdos.4dos – JUMBO DNS Prob

Att: comp.os.msdos.4dos Newsgroup — JUMBO dns Problem –

JUMBO! ( has had a dns problem for the last three
days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday).  The problem has now been solved and
you can once again access us almost with impunity, but it will be another
3 days (until Saturday, the 28th) until we will once again be the fastest
site on the Web.

Meanwhile, our apologies to all.  We’ll try to make it up to you by
adding more programs  (six to eight thousand more) during the
first week of November.

Thanks for your understanding.
The JUMBO staff

Ed Tsigal                             Personal E-Mail:  <e…>
at JUMBO!                             WebMaster E-Mail: <webmas…>


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"General Protection Fault" from 4OS2/32 2.50

Interesting. I opened a 4OS2 window (under Warp Connect), and changed
directory to d:\temp, which contains exactly one file, called

I then typed

diff c:\teaching\mta\fiout.doc <F9>

hoping that <F9> would perform its normal filename completion for
me. Unfortunately, the session crashed with a "General Protection
fault". This is completely reproducible. =

In case relevant, drive C: is FAT, and D: is HPFS.

To save the output (the window disappears rather fast), I opened
another 4OS2 session, and typed

4OS2 >&> ttt.out

Here’s what I found in ttt.out after trying the same commands again:


General Protection Fault exception occurred at EIP =3D 0004741C on thread=
Exception occurred in C Library routine called from EIP =3D 000346B2.
Register Dump at point of exception:
EAX =3D 000788E1    EBX =3D 000B0812  ECX =3D 0007097C    EDX =3D 0000004=
EBP =3D 000768A8    EDI =3D 00062CD8  ESI =3D 00062CD9    ESP =3D 0007689=
=FFCS =3D     005B  CSLIM =3D 1BFFFFFF   DS =3D     0053  DSLIM =3D 1BFFF=
=FFES =3D     0053  ESLIM =3D 1BFFFFFF   FS =3D     150B  FSLIM =3D 00000=
=FFGS =3D     0000  GSLIM =3D 00000000   SS =3D     0053  SSLIM =3D 1BFFF=
Process terminating.

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