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HELP to undo a format /q /u

I accidently did a quick and unconditionnal format (format d:/q/u/s) of my
hard disk.

I need help to recover the lost data.


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Re: 4dos dir and HPFS

On 5 Mar 1996 18:59:09 GMT, dh… (Paul

Dhuse) wrote:
>Is it possible to get file sizes with the size of the extended
>attributes included on HPFS drives using dir?  (4OS/2 2.51)

Yes, just type dir

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4dos registering

i have the public domain version of 4dos for win95 and the registering
information.  but i cant figure out how to register it since there is
no register command and its not in the manual.  can any of you experts
tell me how to do this.


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/C option in 4DOS?

Hi all,

  Sorry if this is a FAQ, but I want to find out if 4DOS has the
/C option like that in COMMAND.COM.  The /C option basically runs
the program provide to COMMAND.COM; then after that terminates
COMMAND.COM.  Is there such an option in 4DOS?

Many thanks.


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Re: Filename completion

Mark Bassett (ma… wrote:
> I think the place to incorporate this sort of intelligence into 4DOS
> would be in the file completion list (F7) rather than directly on
> the screen. A file selection dialog that worked like the directory
> matching feature in ACD would indeed be very useful.

        Bringing up the list every time a completion is needed
        wouldn’t be even remotely as practical as an inteligent
        tab-key would be. I suppose it might be a good idea
        to allow user configure the completion method himself
        in ie. 4dos.ini.

        -Jari Ketola

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Take Command menus

I have a wonderful batch file that I use in regular 4DOS which uses the
@select[] function to build a menu.  I have the window defined in such a
way that the commands that are included in those lines don’t appear on
the screeen to be seen.  Well, if I use that same package under Take
Command, the commands come through onto the screen and I can’t seem to
control what is shown by the screen cordinates.  Besides, I thought
windows used pixels and not row and column values.  Another thing, is
there anyway to make the @select[] title to be a different attribute
from the highlighted choice? I use speech software for blind computer
users which normally tracks the light bar fine but in this case gets
confused because the light bar or current selection item is exactly the
same as the @select title.

Any ideas about these questions?
<Steve> Holmes

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Re: 4dos 5.51bugs.

>For one thing, if you try to copy a whole directory tree and the tree
>is too tall, the copy command crashes.

You can probably address this with the StackSize= directive in 4DOS.INI.

>And for another, if you turn "protected" on in the conventional memory
>setting in the shortcut, then whenever you try to change directories,
>windows comes up with a message saying that 4dos tried to access
>memory currently in use.

That’s a problem with Win95.  "Protected" mode actually causes a lot of
trouble with all kinds of things.  It’s a little overly "protective"!


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win95 setup

I can’t seem to get win95 to associate .btm files with running 4dos /c
on them.  I didn’t see this in the doc anywhere, although I may have
missed it; I looked a while ago.

What I want is to be able to go into my explorer or file manager or
whatever, and double-click on the .btm file and it automatically starts
up 4dos, running the batch file, and then when the batch file completes,
it gives the "closing dos box" message, waiting for you to close the

As an aside, it would be nice if the install program would make the
necessary changes in the system registry automatically (after prompting
for confirmation, of course. :-)

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Centering alias

A while back, someone posted an alias that would center the line passed to it.
I used this alias quite often, and recently suffered the loss of my alias file.
Does anyone out there have it, and if so, could you repost it?  I’m having
trouble figuring the math in the alias, it keeps giving me command errors. :)

EVQWK 7.96.01 (Registered)
Silverlake Computer Services Public Access BBS – (619) 224-1264

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4NT properties

Using NT3.51, service pack 3, and the NewShell preview my 4nt windows
don’t support the "Properties…" selection in the command button
(that MSDos Icon in the top left corner).  I’d like to be able to
adjust fonts, window size, etc, but I cannot.


- Dan / n-Space, Inc.

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