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Hardware query Util needed

Anybody know of a good util that can query the system and find all the
technical details on the system. What I’m looking for is a utility that
will report the bios rev of the system, what scsi controller is in the
system if any (and what devices are where, including make and model of the
device), what video chipset, hard drive type (make, model and size), etc.
along with the basic stuff of processor/speed, RAM, etc. Dos utility is
preferred. I am looking for more hardware details than I can find in MSD
or NU. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Siggi Bjarnason

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abort/kill – TSR


 is there away to kill/abort a TSR without rebooting?

Michael B. Williams

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Batch files as cgi scripts?

Does anyone have any experience of using .BTM files as cgi scripts on
a Win95 machine?

I can use .BAT files OK – if I don’t use a SHELL= line and start .BATs
with COMMAND.COM, but when I change the shell to 4DOS, both .BAT and
BTM files break when used as CGIs.

David Cantrell –

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Ignore please
Your e-mail reply to this message WILL be *automatically* ANONYMIZED.
Please, report inappropriate use to                ab…
For information (incl. non-anon reply) write to    h…
If you have any problems, address them to          ad…

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console window with take command/32

Hi all

I downloaded Take Command/32 from jpsoft and tried it…it’s really great
but there’s one thing I was wondering if I could change or configure..
whenever I call a external command that’s not internal to 4dos, it
outputs to a console window…is there anyway to let it dorectly
output to the window I typed the command in?



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upercase and lowercase under DOS

Hello DOS friends,

Is there a command shell with sees the difference
between upercase and lowercase.

I need this for the progress database on which we
have only a DOS development version but it
has to run on UNIX runtime version.

When we save a compiled program and put it
in a library under DOS it put the filename
in with upercase. But we need lowercase for
Unix. Can 4DOS see a difference?

Please e-mail/CC to me personaly because I
don’t read this everyday.

My regards, Joeri Belis

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Take Command/16 and NDS Problems

I’m trying to use Take Command/16 as my WfW 3.11 shell on a machine
hooked up to a Novell Network.  However, I always get the following


NWDRV-3.00-30:  There was a problem loading the Unicode tables.

All Netware Directory Services functions are disabled.


Has anyone else seen this error, and if so, how did you fix it??

-ken mencher

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PC locks up in some Games!!

I recently built a computer from scratch 120MHz Pentium, with Triton
chipset, 16 Megs of Ram, 1.6 Gig HD, 6x E-IDE CD-Rom, AWE-32 Sound
Card and a Gamecard 3 Automatic.  Everything seems to work great in
Windows 3.1, and some games, but when I try to play a game built
around the DOS/4GW engine I get a "Page Granular Limit" error and I
must turn my PC off and back on to reset.  I got this error when I
tried the shareware version of Duke Nukem 3D and the readme file
stated to enter into the CMOS and slow the RAM speed down!!  I went
into the CMOS, but I could not find a setting to change the speed of
the RAM.  I am using 70ns 72-pin SIMMS, which meet the requirements of
the motherboard.

Someone please help me.  I would be greatful if any help could be sent
to me at dbeh…


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Dealing with Spam Like Chain Letters

     The best way to deal with newsgroup spam like chain letters is not to
flood the sender’s mailbox, but to GET THE SENDER’S INTERNET ACCOUNT
TERMINATED!  He’s probably spammed to a thousand newsgroups that he
doesn’t read, so if you post a reply here, he’ll never see it.  Also, he
may have unlimited Internet access for a flat monthly fee, so flooding his
mailbox won’t punish him, and will only waste bandwidth in an already
overloaded Internet.  However, getting his access terminated WILL punish
him!  Here’s how to do it:
     Send a message, with the subject "Spam from Your Site,"  to
postmaster@<the part of the sender’s address after the at-sign>.  For
example, if the spam is from axissa…, send your message to
postmas…  Say something like chain letters (or investment
scams, or pornography, or whatever the spam is about) are illegal, and if
the spamming continues, your organization may be subject to criminal or
civil legal action.  Ask that the sender’s Internet access be terminated,
likely get email from the postmaster, thanking you for bringing this to
his attention, and stating that the sender’s access has been terminated.
     Very satisfying, and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving idiot!
– John Herro
Software Innovations Technology

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Another Executable Extensions Question

Will something like .* work?

I’d like to set it up like this
        set .*=start
Under Win95 this should work great!

E-Mail me, as I only get the chance to read this
group once a week or so.

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