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Thanks to those that offered advice on this, Bro’-in-law who
originally posed the question, seemed to have been given out-dated
info on the matter, producing a degree of prejudice against the
adoption of 4DOS.

He’s got it now and seems happy enough, I have been for a while, all
be it on ms-dos 5.
by recommendation, Pc-dos 7 follows shortly.

Thanks again,

        Bob H.

–Robert S.  Harris.–

b…, Willenhall, WV12, U.K.

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4NT on Alpha or Power PC running NT ?

Has anyone tried 4NT running under on a Power PC or DEC Alpha ? Will JP
software support these ?



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SOLVED: How to recurse through directories

Thank you for all the help.  After following many avenues,
the best solution was to use the FORTUNE.EXE utility,
available at SimTel sites.

Jeff Arnholt

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File list creation utiltity?


I’m looking for a utility that can create a text list of the files in
one drive that includes information like:
filename.ext | 4dos file description | volume drive | full path
11 characters | 40 characters | 11 characters | variable characters
and best if it also could create in this order.
Most of the utilities that I’ve tested don’t support file description,
also I don’t know if this is possible with some kind of batch file.
Apretiate suggestions and recommendations.


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4NT changes common commands

I’ve just started running 4DOS/NT under NT 4.0, and I think it’s great.
I’m an avowed command-line junkie and 4NT makes things that much faster.

However, I’ve noticed some differences in command syntax between cmd.exe
and 4DOS/NT:

o  4NT’s rmdir doesn’t accept a /q switch to suppress the question
   asking if it’s alright to remove a tree, it just goes ahead
   and removes it

o  4NT’s time and date commands don’t accept a /t switch to just
   print out the time and date, they always ask for a new time and

o  I had some .cmd files with @ signs in front of the labels, as in,

        @goto label

   cmd.exe accepted this happily, but 4NT complained that it couldn’t
   find the label. I know the @ is redundant because label names aren’t
   echoed anyway when the script runs, but the behaviour has changed.

None of these are a big deal, but they’ve all come up in various scripts
that I’m now using under 4NT. Can anyone tell me why there are


Michael Iles, micha…
Ceci n’est pas une .sig

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Filling up your hard drive with 4DOS ?

Sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but I started this thread, and now I
just wanted to know how I "solved" the problem.
I was the one who posted the original question.
I took the solution Rod Ellery gave me and (kind of) translated it to
Turbo C 2.0 for DOS.
It now runs a lot faster. I was able to fill up 100000000 bytes in about
25 seconds on my P90 with Quantum Sirocco.
Before, with 4DOS it took 2 minutes 19 seconds, so 139 seconds.
All in all, I think filling up a gigabyte takes about 6 minutes.
Here is the C program I made of it.
It ‘s been several years since I did anything in C, so my code might not
be very efficient or structured.
If you know of any problems, or ways this can still be improved I would
be greatful for your suggestions :
I ‘m especially interested in knowing if I could get improvements by
using a larger buffer table (I get errors if I try
to use about 64 Kb table).
I also would like to know if the way I ‘m using files is the fastest.

#include <conio.h>
#include <dos.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <sys\types.h>
#include <sys\stat.h>
#define BUFFER 32768
#define LEFTFREE 88000000
char buff[BUFFER];

main ()
   int outhandle;
   struct dfree {
    unsigned df_avail;
    unsigned df_total;
    unsigned df_bsec;
    unsigned df_sclus;
   struct dfree free;
   long unsigned freebytes;
   long unsigned megabytes;
   long unsigned tofill;
   long unsigned filled;
   unsigned int bytes,j;
/* Delete older version of fillup file */
   remove ("C:\FILL");
/* fill buffer with character "F" */
   for (j=0;j < BUFFER; j++)
/* Get bytes free on drive C: */
/* Unfortunately, you have to calculate the number of bytes yourself */
   getdfree (3, &free);
   freebytes=free.df_bsec * (long unsigned) free.df_sclus *
/* I ‘m working with long unsigned integers, so I must make sure I don’t
get < 0 */
   if (LEFTFREE < freebytes)
   if (tofill > 0)
       printf("Number of free clusters   : %u\n",free.df_avail);
       printf("Number of bytes/sector    : %u\n",free.df_bsec);
       printf("Number of sectors/cluster : %u\n",free.df_sclus);
       printf("Total bytes free          : %lu\n",freebytes);
       printf("Total bytes to be filled  : %lu\n",tofill);
       printf("Fill-up character         : %c\n",buff[512]);
/* Create a new file, open it for write only, as binary, … */
/* Is this the fastest way to deal with files ? */      
       for (filled=0;filled < tofill; filled += BUFFER)
         write (outhandle,buff,BUFFER);
/* Report every 10 megabytes filled up : the number of filled up
megabytes */
         if (filled % 10485760 == 0)
            gotoxy (1,10);
            megabytes = filled / 1048576;
            printf ("Filled : %lu megabytes", megabytes);
       printf("Done. \n");
       printf("There is nothing to fill up. You only have %lu bytes left

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known problems with Banyan Vines?

Does anyone know of existing problems using 4DOS in a Banyan Vines
networking environment?
We seem to lose the fifth bit of a byte occasionally since we have
upgraded one of the Banyan Vines servers. I am not sure which versions
are involved, I think it was from 4.11 to 5.54, but I would have to
look into that. First we have been looking into the possibility of a
virus being involved, but nothing has been found so far.
Anyone who can give a hint as to whether we are on the right track?
Koos de Heer

koos de heer
auryn management advies
utrecht, the netherlands

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BIOS setup – how?

Does someone here know how to access the BIOS setup on my TI TravelMate
2000, with Phoenix 80286 ROM BIOS PLUS Version 3.10 00?
I’ve tried Ctrl-Alt-S and Ctrl-Alt-Esc on bootup to no avail.

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Batch confusion

I am trying to write a batch file that will automatically format my drive,
the problem is in dos it prompts yes or no, how can get round this?
This may sound a daft question but there is good reason behind it.



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4NT, batch files, and "at"?

The best I can do is:

        cmd /c \path\4nt.exe /c batfile.bat

They just don’t seem to run without the "cmd". Can anyone shed light
on using NT’s "at" with batch files meant to run under 4NT?


 - Vince

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