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        Just got on this sig.
        What advantage is 4DOS over NDOS in Norton Utilities 8?
        Is the 4DOS company still in existence?
        Can 4DOS be bought off the  shelf? Or only direct from the company?
        Does the registered version come with a manual?

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Can't get EXCEPT to work ndos v7

This may be a real newbie question, but I am presently stumped
with this one.  Can’t get any clues from the manual file & tried
this on 286 & 486 PCs…

I am running Ndos ver 7.0, not sure what 4dos ver this equates to.

Except works from the command line as below:

     except (*.btm *.txt) copy *.* a:

BUT using the following line in a Btm file:
  EXCEPT (*.COM *.EXE *.OVL -LABEL.* {LM*.*) COPY A:*.* C:\~UPD /S

File not found "*.com"
File not found "*.exe"
     etc. also for the other exclusions

then it starts copying *.com, *.exe etc.

Any light thrown into this shady corner will be thankfully

  _–_|\  —————————————————–
 /      \     Roger Stott        <rst…>
 \_.–._/<— Kurrajong  NSW    (the rural outskirts of Sydney)
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  I can’t check news frequently.  Please reply by email as well
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Need 4DOS Information

Could someone please post a basic summary of everything 4DOS allows?
Say extended filenames, etc.  I’m curious about 4DOS, I used it many
years ago but have completely forgotten what it was like.  The one
thing I’m really curious about: I remember 4DOS using extended
filenames.. can this occur (the displaying of long filenames) only
while in a 4DOS shell or can other applications, say for example,
Network Disk Manager for Windows 3.11 also read the long filenames?
Any information about the above and anything else 4DOS is capable of
would be greatly appeciated.  If you could email your responses, that
would be even better :)  Tim Williams – twilli…

Thank You!

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fancy dir listing gone bad

What’s up with this batch file?  It *used* to work with 4DOS 4.x.  
Now, it pukes and I’m at a loss as to why… Of course, with Win95 its
not perfect any more since long filenames can get in the way, but
it’d be too slow to check filename length along with counting the
number of files, wouldn’t it?

@echo off
dir /ku/a %& >&>nul | set _files=%@substr["%@line[con,0]",23,9]
set _files=%@eval[%@substr["%_files",1,%@index["%_files", ]]]
iff %_files LE %@eval[%_rows-4] then
        dir /h/o/j %&
elseiff %_files LE %@eval[%_rows*2-8] then
        dir /h/o/2/j/v %&
elseiff %_files LE %@eval[%_rows*4-16] then
        dir /h/o/4/j/v %&
elseiff %_files LE %@eval[%_rows*5-20] then
        dir /h/o/w/j/v %&
        dir /h/oe/w/j/v/p %&

"If you can keep your head while all those about you are losing theirs,
then perhaps you have misunderstood the situation."
– Graffiti on the side of the Flushing Street Temple of Eris in New York

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Equipartitioning the Harddisk

Could someone tell me how the hell you would use dos to equipartion your
hard disk.  Just say for example you wanted your hard disk in such a way
that you have both a C:\ and D:\ drive sharing equal amounts of storage
space, what command(s) would you use.  Also if you did manage to
equipartion it, what commands would you use to convert it back to just a
C:\ drive.

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Re: fileseek?!?!

On Wed, 19 Feb 1997 03:44:38 GMT, wj.vdho… (Wouter van

- — -

der Horst) wrote:
>I’m trying to write a .BTM file that reads a random line from a text
>file, but I can’t get it to work!

>The following is the important bit from the file

>> @echo off
>> setlocal
>> set _file=c:\file.txt
>> set _handle=%@fileopen[%_file,read,t]
>> if %_handle eq -1 (goto erroronopen)
>> set _rand=%@random[0,%@lines[%_file]]
>> set _ptr=%@fileseek[%_handle,%_rand]

>I can’t see anything wrong with it, but on running it, 4DOS gives
>me an error:

>Line [7] Invalid parameter "@fileseek[%_handle,%_rand]"

Try @fileseekl[%_handle,%_rand] or more directly,
without th _rand variable use @line[c:\file.txt,0]

Its all under the functions | files section of 4help.


- — -

>Does anybody know what I’m doing wrong?

>(It’s getting to me…)


><< mailto:wj.vdho… >>     -=(UDIC)=-

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