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dos drivers

Hi! I have a (kti pci Ethernet adapter) et-32pci version 2.30 Ethernet
adapter for my computer but am finding it difficult to install the dos
drivers as the driver installation disk supplied with adapter doesn’t have
a automatic install program on it. I have tried to follow the instructions
on the disk (coping the required files into a directory and editing the
autoexec.bat etc.) but haven’t had any success as I am not completely
familiar with editing the autoexec.bat & config.sys etc.
My computer is a Pentium 133, 32 meg of ram running windows 95.
I really need a dos self installation program for this adapter.
Please contact me with any information you might have to solve my problem.

Damion Russell, Roy B. Hoskins & Assoc.  

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Differences between 4DOS and TakeCommand?

I’ve been using 4DOS for a couple of years now, and plan on upgrading
shortly.  I’m an old MS-DOS type, dragged kicking and screaming into
Windows a few years ago.  

I’ve installed the latest trial versions of 4DOS and TCMD/32, but I just
don’t understand what the differences are between the two programs.  How
is having a command line prompt in TCMD different from spawning a copy
of 4DOS?  What advantages does one program have over the other in a Win
95 environment?  

If it seems I’m being particularly dense, that’s certainly possible. ;-)

My newsfeed has been somewhat spotty lately; emailed replies would be

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Running .BTM under Win95

I installed TCMD/32 2.0 and also ran the .inf-files. I was then able
to run BTm-files directly from Windows. What’s wrong?

It did work work at first, but now Windows tells me that it’s not a
valid Win 32 bit file.

Of course I can make a shortcut having TC invoke the .btm file, but
that’s no fun and it won’t work from Explorer.


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Possible ColorDir bug in 4DOS 6.00A

4DOS 6.00A appears to ignore the ColorDir settings if the /J option is
specified in the DIR command. This behaviour differs from all previous
versions of 4DOS.

Also, is there a new REFMAN.DOC (Reference Manual) file anywhere ?


David Henretty

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windows 3.1 and windows 95 on the same system

how to run windows 3.1 and windows 95 on the same computer????

please HELP      me

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Storing Directory History?

I like the expanded functions of CD and CDD, but I have one question which
I can’t seem to find the answer to in the help:

4DOS seems to remember directory histories within a given session, but I
would like to save the history list and use it between sessions. Is this

For some time, I’ve been using a third party program that actually stores
the last 22 directories visited, and lets you switch immediately to any
one of those directories with a short command line. I’d like to implement
something like this using 4DOS, but while command histories can be saved,
I can’t seem to find a way to save directory history lists.

Is this doable in 6.00A?


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Known Bugs

Before posting in this newsgroup, make sure you review the
newly-introduced "Known Bugs" page on our Web site.  

That page was specifically designed to keep users abreast of recently
discovered errors and omissions in our CURRENT products.  Whenever
possible, it also shows some applicable workarounds.

If you have the current version of our products and you encounter a
problem already listed on that page, there is no need to notify us here
or via our official support channels.  This should help reduce the
number of redundant questions and reports and provide you with
up-to-date information.

A "known bug" is a bug we know about, and even though we don’t always
have an instant resolution, at least you known we publicly acknowledge
it and clearly intent to remedy the situation" :)

 Mike Bessy                    JP Software, Inc.
 CompuServe 75300,1215         "GO JPSOFT"

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>>> 9 0 % O F F <<<

>>> C O M P U T E R   H A R D W A R E  /  S O F T W A R E  <<<

                   >>> U P   T O   90 %   O F F   R E T A I L <<<


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Bug in colorized filenames with dir /j


As You already found out the dir-command in version 6.0 does not work
proper if you ad the /j switch. If you use the /j switch it is not possible
anymore to sort the filenames in the order you wish (e.g. /o switch does
not work anymore) and the filenames do not have any colors at all….

This is a bug don’t you think ;)

Rick Hoorn
Gouda – Netherlands

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FileComplet command is giving me fits.  I’m running Win95 and all I can
get is directory listings.  4dos v5.52 and all previous ones allowed me
to enter the first letter of the file and hit the tab key to complete
it. It also allowed me to cd and then the first letter go go through the
directories that matched.  Now only the directories work.

I changed the 4dos Icon to reflect the new v6.0 and it shows that Icon
when I browse to the new 4dos60 directory, yet when I apply it I get the
old Icon.

Using the "Option" for setup doesn’t seem to save correctly, and is hard
to understand.  The help file talks in riddles; I’ve been looking for
the past couple hours trying to figure the File Completion setup.

In the option screen there’s an option to ad a \ to all cd commands, but
that too will not work.

Is it possible to d/l the older version of 4dos?

EIGHTYEighty eight

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