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Where to downlaod ms dos 5.0 and above?

 I am looking for MS DOS 5.0 or above.  If you know where I could download
it from, please E-mail me: ho…

Thank you,


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Re: Copying Macintosh Filenames with 4NT

On Mon, 3 Nov 1997 09:45:14 -0500, for some bizarre reason, "Tony
Harris" <tony.har…> spewed:

>I have an interesting scenario, and problem:
>Now for the problem.  Mac’s allow characters like "/" (and others)
>in filenames.  NT’s Mac services handle this just fine, although the
>resulting filename looks bizarre in Explorer.  But at a DOS prompt,
>the "/" becomes a "?" and DOS goes nuts.  So does 4NT.
>Does anyone have any suggestions?  I realize this isn’t necessarily
>a 4NT bug, rather an NT bizarreness.

I had this problem for several conversion I’ve done from Mac/Netware
to a pure NT environment.

The way we approached it was to use a 4NT batch file I wrote which did
a directory, parsed each line looking for "?" in the long filename,
then replaced it with a valid character like a "-", then renamed the
file using the short filename (the only way you could do anything with
the filename was with the shortname).

This of course renames the file, something which I gather you’re not
interested in doing.

An alternative is to use a program that runs on the Mac which keeps
your filenames compatible with Windows longfilenames.  We didn’t have
that luxury ourselves, thus the 4NT solution.

Letting Mac users use filenames inconsistent with Windows is going to
be a major headache should a migration away from Macs ever occur.  Do
something about it now while it’s not such a problem.

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Exit TCMD32 (Win95) & List

Exit TCmd 32 (Win95) before closing List Causes TCMD to freeze.
How to Exit TCMD in Win95 if you tried to exit it before closing LIST ?

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TakeCommand/16 tool bar

Using the "Configure tool bar.." option there is a selection for font
size that ranges from 6 up.  The setting for 6 and 8 seem to provide
the same size font on the tool bar. With a 640×480 screen, I am losing
some of the tool bar items off the screen with the 8 point type.  A
working 6 point or even smaller would be helpful.
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How to optimize memory settings


  I recently downloaded 4DOS 6.00 which am using in Win 95 DOS boxes.
Although my computer has 32MB of RAM, the memory command of 4DOS only
shows these XMS and EMS figures:

        655 360 bytes total DOS RAM
        566 496 bytes free

      1 048 576 bytes total EMS memory
        212 992 bytes free

      1 048 576 bytes free XMS memory  (HMA in use)

            560 bytes total environment
            132 bytes free

          1 024 bytes total alias
          1 023 bytes free

          1 024 bytes total history

Which prevents compilers from running (not enough memory).  Also, the
low DOS memory is low at 566 KB.  

How can I optimize these memory settings?


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ramdrive.sys in DOS6.0

I am trying to use RAMDRIVE.SYS with DOS 6.0 but I need to specify what
drive to use as opposed to using the next available drive letter. I
checked the help and there is no switch for that. Does anyone know of a
undocumented way of specifying a drive letter for RAMDRIVE.SYS?
Thanks for Any Input.

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move and copy in a non-full-screen 4dos 6.00b-session under win95

Sometimes if I use a 4DOS 6.00b window (win95) in order to copy or move
data (from 3.5" floppy to harddisk). I can’t really duplicate this every
time, but I think the problem doesn’t occure if you "stay in the
window"; changing to other tasks while copying can trigger the
"cathastrophy". May be it’s a win95 related problem, but I don’t think
it’s related to my personal configuration ’cause I checked up everything
and I gotta say I’ really famil(l)iar with win95 and its registry &c..
 Any idea / suggestion?

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Re: START-command with /WAIT

>start "" "WINEXE1" /WAIT

The /WAIT has to be before the "WINEXE1"; otherwise it’s assumed to be an
 argument to WINEXE1, not to START.

     - Rex

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Take Command DESCRIBE option


  I make a text description for a file using the DESCRIBE command.  But
I can’t see that description when doing a DIR or a SELECT (*.*)  I can’t
either see that description with 4DOS in a DOS box under Win95.  But, if
I call the DESCRIBE command again for the same file, it shows the
description.  So, the description text is there, but can’t be viewed
with either the DIR or SELECT commands.  What am I doing wrong?



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I have noticed that using DIR with the options /j and /oe
simultaneously doesn’t work with the newest version(s) of 4DOS. The
files don’t get ordered on the extensions.

Is this a bug? I would think so…


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