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Colorized prompt for 4NT.

A long time ago someone posted a recipe on how to get a colorized
prompt in 4NT.=20

I would like to get info on that.

Does jpsoft have any student discounts on their software?

Kindest regards  from   Per Stuve Rommetveit
Student, Information Technology, DPH, Norway
Member of TVP – coding/WWW –
Mail: prog…       Seize The Day

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Command line length

Is it possible to change the command line length limit in 4dos? The
255-character limit is very limiting in batch files – even
is bigger, and the Windows 95 kernel has no limit (as far as I can see
– certainly I’ve had a 10M command line correctly handled by

Alternatively, does 4nt work on Windows 95, and if so does it have a
longer limit?

Paul Moore.

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Reformating Hard drive with DOS 6.2
how do I do It?
Please help me a little

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rexec utility for msdos

I am looking for an rexec (or rsh) utility for msdos.  From an msdos
command script, I want to activate a program on a unix box.  Can anyone
recommend such a product and tell me where I can get it?  Does anyone
know if wattcp provides such a utility?  Thanks.

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Share.exe version 6.0 needed.

Share.exe version 6.0 needed.  I get an incorrect DOS version error message
if I run with 6.20 or higher versions.

Please e-mail. file


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to this message. ****

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4NT – dir.* problem resolved.

I posted about this last month, but never really found an answer that
did exactly what I wanted.  To repeat the problem:

There’s one shortcut from DOS/4DOS that I’ve grown accustomed to, and
I couldn’t figure out how to make it happen under 4NT.  

I want: dir.exe
to translate to: dir *.exe
I want: dir.txt
to translate to: dir *.txt

and so on for any extension.  This functionality was included in all
versions of ms-dos that I’ve ever used (which goes back a pretty long
way), but neither NT’s CMD.EXE nor 4NT.EXE do this.  One solution would
be to make aliases for all the extensions that I commonly use, but that
would require way too many aliases and would still not work for EVERY
extension.  Today I figured out a way to do this in 4NT:

first, I added a line to my 4start.bat:
setdos /i-dir

then, I added this alias:
alias unknown_cmd=setdos /i+dir&iff "%@lower[%@left[4,%1]]" eq "dir."
then&%@insert[3, *,%1]&else&%$&endiff&setdos /i-dir

This does exactly what I wanted.  Just wanted to post this little bit in
case anyone else finds it useful.


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Help: 4dos552 ne (4dos600 or 4NT or TakeCommand)

Hello all,

i have following problem with 4dos600.

In 4Dos552 i wrote some code like:

select echo (j:\orcadsht\%VERZ\%2*.sch) >>
for %a in ( do gosub PrintIt
 getsize2 %a
 if %? eq 1 plotall %a j:\doku\%OrDesign\%@name[%a] /O /S 0.7 /X 0.5 /Y 3
 if %? eq 2 plotall %a j:\doku\%OrDesign\%@name[%a] /O /S 0.5 /X 0.5 /Y 3
 nprint j:\doku\%OrDesign\%@name[%a].000 /qlaser1

In 4dos552 the result of was


In 4dos600 the result is in quotes an i get the message file not found


Thanks for your helps


Rolf Buchholz


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Expand.exe Question

I have a need to re compress a setup file in dos.  What is the compress
application used to go with the Dos version of Expand to create the    .ex_
file types.

THANKS in Advance
Mhst…   <Marv Stark>

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Good Samaritan

I recently requested help on a Macro Command for opening and
converting a file.
I received an answer, I think it was Thursday, from only one party,
and it was just what I needed.
Somehow my request and that answer are no longer posted, and I have no
record of the person who was so helpful.  I hope you are reading this.

Thank you.

Your answer contained information on the file format enumerations that
is not in my documentation for 4DOS 6.00b.  Without your help I would
probably have been trapped into doing the job another way and given up
on 4DOS.

Thank you again.


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Memory Problem, DOS. Help?

I’m trying to run a CDROM based game by re-starting in DOS (from
Win95), but I keep crashing with a memory problem.

I’ve tried to maximize memory (see autoexec.bat & config.sys, below),
but when I test with ‘mem’, I’m getting only about 495 KB available.
About 145 KB is being used by something, but I can’t figure out what.
I need near 600 KB to run.

I’m very rusty about whatever I once knew about DOS… am I missing
something obvious??


SET BLASTER=A220 I10 D1 H7 E620 T6
SET VXCLASSPATH=D:\Program Files\VXtreme\client\applets

rem DEVICE=C:\HHSCAND.SYS /A=280/I=5/D=3/H=4:8:12:16&/W=105/T=15
/WIN95 /BLASTER=A:220 I:10 D:1 H:7

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


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