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4dos affects Win95 shut down screen

I am running 4dos 6.0 in Win95 and it works great.

One small "problem". When I close Win95, the final shutdown screen is
broken up by vertical lines and the computer beeps once or twice. I
disable 4dos and it doesn’t happen.

Does anyone know how to stop this?

Please mail direct.


Remove XXX from the reply to address before mailing

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Sending files to PRN

At home I have only one PC connected to my printer, so occasionally I
have to print to a file, copy to a floppy, and run to my other PC.

On the PC w/ printer, I have win-95 with both TC-32 and 4DOS available
as command processors.  I find that the command


works flawlessly in 4DOS, but not in TC-32.  Under TC-32, I usually get
a message about the printer not having enough memory for the file.

I in general am trying to get used to using TC-32, with its GUI
interface, as opposed to 4DOS, so naturally I am disappointed when
problems come up.

Is there any DESIGN reason why this should work in 4DOS and not with
TC-32?  Is there a workaround that would allow it to work under TC-32?

Jim Phillips

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Redirection under TCMD 2.01

I am having problems with redirection under TCMD v2.01 (also 2.00).
Redirection works fine with internal commands, but not with external.
E.g. if I type:

        pkzip > file

I get the patently false error message

        File not found C:\UTILITY\PKZIP\PKZIP.EXE

and a zero-length file is created.  Now, the error message itself
shows that pkzip evidently _has_ been found via the PATH, but it’s
not executed if redirection is requested.  

Anyone else had similar problems?

Thanks –
Kim Bastin

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batch file informed subdirectory size?

I want to make a batch file that inform subdirectory size.
Its description is below.

dsck.btm (disk space check batch file on 4dos for Win95)
Usage: dsck  [path]

for example, tree structure is below:
D:\ has three directory that is SUB1, SUB2, SUB3,
their directory have many subdirectory.
I want to know the only size of directory SUB1, SUB2, SUB3
included subdirectory.

d:\> dsck
SUB1    100KB
SUB2    150KB
SUB3    25KB
free 30KB


If there is same role’s tool or command of 4dos, it’s fine.
Thanks in advance.

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Keystack and Ctrl-Shift

Hi there,
I need something like this:
keystack control-shift a

for a program which needs this combination of keys to start up.

Can anyone tell me what scancode this would mean?



Bernardo Rossi

My real email address:  b(dot)rossi(at)intesys(dot)it

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running dos 6.22 annd dos 4 at the same time?

can some one email me how to do it! thanks

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trailing '\' after directory completions

Hi all.  I’m using ver 5.51.  How can I make it so that when I’m
selecting a directory with either tab or F9, there’s a ‘\’ at the
end of the directory name?  Thanks.

  < Gord Locke <> glo… <> >

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Can anyone send me just a simple 4dos.ini file, I’d like to get color when
using dir and that stuff.

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Directory changing.

I have been trying to figure this one out for a while now.
I use 4dos under win98. Now, when doing so (and it was the same under 95
btw), I use it as the primary shell (loaded with shell= in the config.sys).

With that configuration, I set the directory history to global.

So far so good. Now, I can see globally the directory history, as I should
be able to.

However, if in windows I change and browse through a directory, it becomes
the default direcoty for that drive. If I open a 4dos window AFTER I have
closed the directory in explorer, and change the direcoty AWAY from the
default dir from 95, the next 4dos shell I open up has the SAME default

How can i get 4dos to override windows’ default directory control..

In win95, I browse to D:\whatever
Then open a 4dos window, and it shows d:\whatever as the default directoy.
Then i go to d, and type cd .., making the default d:\
I then close the window, and open another, and the changes were NOT saved.
How do i avoid this?
I want 4dos to be in control…


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Reg. Problem with a Bad Sector


First of all forgive me if this is causing any cross posting of message,
but the urgency of the situation demands it.

I have a Zenith Data Systems SuperSport286 which has a 20.34 MB hard
drive which is unable to be formatted the reason being during the last
phase of the format completion it says the sector to which it writes the
updated information is bad in the FAT portion on the hard drive.
Is there a way that this bad sector can be removed from the hard disk? I
have tried using the scandisk and checkdisk but to of no use. Does
anybody have any utilities which can clean up this kind of a mess on the
20.34MB hard drive in a 286?

Also if anyone has a smaller hard drive in the range of 20 MB to 150 MB
which migh be compatible with my system then I am willing to pay for the

Please reply to "mohanch…"

Once again bear with me if this is causing any cross posting.


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