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Need Help with DOS- Keyboard Editin

 GE> say somewhere at the beginning of what you’ve typed. How can you back up
 GE> to edit the typo without erasing the correct characters along the way? No

Use 4dos…

I think there’s something called dosedit, or doskey or something you can use

 GE> 3. I know I may be pushing my luck here, but aren’t
 GE> there some things you  can do with the function keys on the command
 GE> line, i.e. a way to copy what  you’ve just typed so you can copy
 GE> it to another line without retyping the  command again?

F3 sometimes gets you your last command back, it depends…
the other function keys do stuff too.

If you’re using 4dos you can go back further…


— FMail 1.48b
 * Origin: -== Night Runners Christchurch N.Z. 64-3-3383529 ==- (3:770/320)

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4DOS shell in NTemacs doesn't work

I can’t get a 4DOS shell to work in NTemacs 20.4.1.

It seems to work when I start it, but when I enter a command (or just hit
ENTER), I get this:

  R(etry), I(gnore), F(ail), or A(bort)? ^G^G^G

I’m using 4DOS v 5.51 and the following NTemacs lisp code:

 (add-hook ‘comint-exec-hook
            (function (lambda () (require ‘msdos-shell-fix))))
 (setq shell-prompt-pattern  "^[a-zA-Z]:[^>]*>"
       explicit-shell-file-name  "C:/4DOS/4DOS.COM"
       explicit-4DOS.COM-args    ’("@C:\\4DOS\\emacs.ini")
       explicit-cmdproxy.exe-args ‘("/Q"))

Does anybody use NTemacs here and have a clue about this?


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Y2k Patches

Hello All.

There are some Y2K patches at:


— GoldED/W32 3.0.1
 * Origin: Living in interesting times (2:443/777)

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2000 and _DATE internal variable

  Up until today, January 1, 2000, I was using the following line in my
AUTOEXEC.BAT file, which allowed me to do something on boot-up, but only
once a day.

  In my AUTOEXEC.BAT file, I have the line

  if %@fileage[c:\jpstree.idx] lt %@makeage[%_DATE] CDD /S

  Which means that if the date of the file c:\jpstree.idx is less than
the current date, update the file jpstree.idx

  If I had other once-a-day tasks to perform, I’d place them BEFORE this
line, as executing CDD /S updates the file c:\jpstree.idx, making it of
no further use for once-a-day date comparisons. Example;

  if %@fileage[c:\jpstree.idx] lt %@makeage[%_DATE] echo Task 1
  if %@fileage[c:\jpstree.idx] lt %@makeage[%_DATE] echo Task 2
  if %@fileage[c:\jpstree.idx] lt %@makeage[%_DATE] CDD /S

  Please note that you must have Extended Directory Services enabled in
order for the jpstree.idx file to exist. To enable Extended Directory
Services, add the line FuzzyCD=x to your 4DOS.INI file, where x is the
level of Extended Directory Services that you desire. Example;

ColorDir=exe:bri red

  There are other solutions which involve third-party .COM or .EXE
files, but since 4DOS comes with the tools as part of its batch
language, this makes a most efficient solution. BTW, I’m using 4DOS
Version 6.00B.

  Well, it’s the year 2000, and the command no longer works! My
workaround is the following;

if %@filedate[c:\jpstree.idx] lt %_DATE CDD /S

This works okay, as long as the file was created in 2000 or later. The
culprit appears to be the _DATE internal variable, as it returns a
century of 00. Thus the line;

if %@filedate[c:\config.sys] lt %_DATE echo old

does not work, since the date of my CONFIG.SYS file is 12/24/99.

As I have several batch programs that use the _DATE internal variable
for checking files that are dated before year 2000, this is a problem.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Joe Caverly
Watkins Independent Representative #183957
Order: 800-665-5756
Voice: 519-633-0709
  FAX: 519-633-9954
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new user with questions

to all:
i realize that i am going to sound somewhat ignorant here,but i will live with
i have read a good number of posts on 4dos and seen programs Compared to it. my
question is "What Is 4dos?" followed by "can i find a list of FAQs anywhere so
i dont bother all of you with repeated questions?"
last request-where to i find the program/OS and what’s the approximate cost?
thank you all for putting up with this.
best wishes for a new year
art mcgovern
floral park ny

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Can't ctrl-C with 4dos 6

Using 4dos 5.5 I was able to break out of a long copy or move operation by
pressing ctrl-C.  With 4dos 6 I can’t do this anymore.  Is this a bug, or a
feature?  And if it is a feature, how can I interrupt those operations?


— timEd 1.10.y2k
 * Origin: Acoustic Plains BBS. Ottawa, ON.  613-742-7612 (1:163/551)

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moving files with *

if you have the following files:
and do:
move *.txt a*.txt I thought you get:
but you dont!
10.txt will try to overwrite a1.txt


Henrik Gemal, ge…
WebMail Innovator
Tele Danmark Internet

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Cant use mouse in DOS

 I don’t know what command to put into my AUTOEXE. file.
   Is it just the location of the mouse from windows?
    Email me

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IP to clipboard to env. var.

Hello everyone, I just wonder if someone would be kind enough to tell me how
to extract my dynamic ip address using FIND.EXE and NETSTAT.EXE, how to copy
it into the clipboard and make it an environment variable as well.

I know you this is an easy one but I would truly appreciate your help.

You guys are great!

Thank you very much beforehand.

Edwin – [CrashProne]

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Howdy guys, I was wondering if there is a utility or application that would
"join a disk drive to a directory on another drive". Something similar to
the JOIN.EXE program that came with DOS.

As always your help is truly appreciated

Edwin [CrashProne]

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