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Stream of CR's

When I exit Win3, whether dropping into a DOS box or actually
dropping back to first level DOS, I often but not always get a
steady stream of carriage returns which continues until I hit
a key.  That stops the flow, and the keystroke isn’t swallowed.

I execute Windows from an alias, and I’ve tried various things
at the end of the alias that don’t work: clearing the screen, and
echoing a message don’t work.  I’ve got a QUIT there at the moment
which may work –too soon to say.  And, nothing I can put into an
alias has any effect on dropping into a DOS box.

But what causes this flow?

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Help with interval.btm


Hoping someone a LOT more knowledgeable than me can help me here.

Somebody here earlier in the year was kind enough to write for me the
one-line btm file below (called interval.btm):

echo %@eval[%@date[%1] – %@date[%2]]

This was intended so that I could just type, for example,
interval 27-09-00 and it would tell me that there was one day

I recently had to reinstall my whole hard drive and the BTM isn’t
working for me any more.

I get the error below:

C:\4DOS\INTERVAL.BTM [1]  Invalid date "@date[%1] – %@date[%2]"

Not quite sure what went wrong — can anyone help me please?


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Help making 4NT commands work in cmd.exe


I have the following as part of my 4start.btm file:

>prompt %%@exec[Title %%@if["%%WORK" != "",work=%%@word["\",%%@eval
>[%%@words["\",%%WORK]-1],%%WORK],No Work]
> V%%VERSION  %%_cwd]$h$p$g

That chunk of code along with aliasing cd to ‘CDD’  and some company
required/desired env settings (%WORK%, %VERSION%) allows me to
see me to see the version I’m developing in, the directory I’m working
in, and the dir my shell is currently in. Those 3 key (to me) items
also sho up in WinNT’s Alt-Tab lists. This makes my life much

I have tried to make the same code work in WinNT’s cmd.exe
to no avail.

Can someone give me a clue how to make the same code work
in the MS cmd.exe?

I’ll kiss someone whio makes the entire chunk work, twice.
But I _REALLY_ care about the following:

>Title %%@if["%%WORK" != "",work=%%@word["\",%%@eval
>[%%@words["\",%%WORK]-1],%%WORK],No Work

Most of the string stuff/processing I can deal with. the major
problem I have is how to translat 4NT’s @eval() to MS’s cmd.exe().

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Help Needed urgently

I’m trying to find the command in dos that will let me split a 800mb file
into 100mb sections have been told it’s their but can’t find it not even in
the norton dos 6.22 book
Help Me

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Does anyone know the command switchs for Split

As the title said does anyone know the comand switches for the split and un
split commands
Regards Doug

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Null device

I’m looking for the syntax (if supported) to pipe to null.

I have a command that generates substantial amount of
output (all useless).  I would like to issue something like

c:\>  BigCmd > null

Issuing exactly this command creates a file named null….

Any ideas ?

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Anyone out there using TakeCommand32 and if so what do you think of it.



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Posts not "getting through" to JPSoft forum

Ordinarily I tend to avoid controversy if I can, but at the risk of violating
that principal, I have a question to ask folks who frequent both this ng and
the JPSoft forum.  Do you often submit posts to the forum that never appear?  
I have done so now on a number of occasions, and am begining to be quite
certain that this is due to deliberate "moderation" of the forum rather than
to "glitches" with posting to newsgroups (which is how I access the forum).  
In none of the cases involved were my posts excessively long (I guess that
could be a matter of opinion, but bear with me), nor were they flames, spam,
personal attacks, or any other type of objectionable matter.  They were
perhaps at times slightly off-topic, but no more than is frequently shown by
other posters, including the "unofficial moderator" from JPSoft itself.  As
examples, I append two posts  of mine that I sent in this past week.

Is this common?  Is the JPSoft forum being "excessively moderated"?  I
suspect so, but I would like to hear what others have to say on this topic.  
If I am right, I think it is a great pity, as it is a minor strike against
what is otherwise a first class operation, a strike that seems to me to be
totally unnecessary.

-= rags =-


The past posts: First, this was sent on Oct 4th:

>Just a note to say I have left the JPSoft team for another – conflicting
>loyalties, so I felt that having given JPSoft’s team 160 plus units, it was
>time to spread the wealth elsewhere for a while.  I’ll probably be back
>sometime, and good luck till then.

Next, this was sent on Oct 5th:

- — -

>supp… (Mike Bessy) wrote in <47…>:

>>Note that version 3.0 of the SETI@home software has been released.
>>If you are still using 2.4, you may want to visit


>Thanks for the news.

>I have a question about participation in this forum: I recently posted a
>note to say that I was leaving (at least for a while) the JPSoft team,
>because another interest of mine wanted some participation.  I thought I
>had made a contribution to this team, and that maybe I could do so to
>another for a while, but I wanted to "say goodbye" so those few folks who
>monitor the JPSoft team efforts would know why one member had disappeared –
>no hard feelings, just a collegial farewell (for now, at least).  I made a
>similar posting when I joined up, last summer.  In both cases, the posting
>never made it to the group.  Is this a form of "censorship"?  If so, then
>let me say gently that I think it is misguided.  Part of what makes forums
>of this sort pleasant places to discuss issues of common interest is that
>they become virtual communities, with some occasional slightly off-topic
>exchanges.  Our participation in the JPSoft SETI team is an example of
>this.  The forum isn’t so busy that it needs to be filtered so tightly.  I
>hope that you might reconsider your editorial role somewhat – by all means
>filter spam, flames, commercial advertisements (apart from your own, I
>guess!), and the like.  But leave us some human interactions too.  

To reply by email, use "@" not "__A@T__"
<rags AT>

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REP: Q: How can I get '4DOS' command 'dir' to do the same as 'Windows DOS7

This has been bugging me for a long time now:-
How can I get ’4DOS’ command ‘dir’ to do the same as ‘Windows DOS7′?

I have created the following file:-


Windows 98 [Version 4.10.1998]
Revision A

F:\Test>command /c dir /s file6.tst

I get this (that I like:) ).

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Volume Serial Number is 2B44-0DE2

Directory of F:\Test\2\4 FILE6    TST           310  23/09/00   1:50
    1 file(s)            310 bytes

 Total files listed:
    1 file(s)            310 bytes
    0 dir(s)         179,712 bytes free

Havever under
    4DOS 6.02B   DOS 7.10
    4DOS Revision B (131)   DOS Revision A

    F:\Test>dir /s file6.tst

    I end up with this (that I do NOT like:( )

  Volume in drive F is unlabeled      Serial number is 2B44:0DE2

  Directory of  F:\test\2\4\file6.tst

 23/09/00   1:50             310  File6.TST
     310 bytes in 1 file and 0 dirs    512 bytes allocated

   Total for:  F:\test\2\file6.tst
     310 bytes in 1 file and 0 dirs    512 bytes allocated

   Total for:  F:\test\file6.tst
     310 bytes in 1 file and 0 dirs    512 bytes allocated
     179,712 bytes free

 So how can I get 4DOS to stop:-

   Total for:  F:\test\2\file6.tst
     310 bytes in 1 file and 0 dirs    512 bytes allocated

 There is not files call ‘file6.tst’ in ‘F:\test\2\’!

 BIG thank you.


void DeadEnds() {for(;;);}    //    :)

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Can an app change 4NT CWD?

I have an old app I wrote for DOS that changes the current directory.  I
recently looked over my old code and updated it for NT, but the directory
change doesn’t seem to be affecting the CWD of 4NT.  My guess is it doesn’t
work because my app is running in a separate process, which has it’s own
CWD, and when it exits it’s CWD is not passed up to the parent process.

So my question is, is there a backdoor or documented way into 4NT that I can
use to change it’s CWD?


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