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Re: A batch file for checking disk quota?

Huckleberry <phoe…> wrote:

: I’m trying to write a batch file that will check the allocated spaces under
: a given directory.  If too much space (eg. 2 Mbytes) is used then output a
: message (eg. "exceeded disk quota").  Does anyone have any clue on how to
: do this?

: Thanks for any tips.

Some time ago I wrote a batch called QUOTA95.BTM. It uses the filesize-
function to calculate the qouta of the default directory and its
subdirs. The results are written in a file named QUOTOT.TXT.

It uses temporary files with the names of the subdirs. These temp files are
deleted when the batch completes.

It works fine with 4DOS 5.52 under Windows 95. It recognizes LFNs and
long directory names.

I give it to you in UUencoded form because the format of the lines
is important.

Guenther Schaettiger
UNI Hamburg, Germany
FB Informatik
e-mail: schae…

section 1/1   file quota95.btm   [ Wincode 2.7.3 ]

begin 644 quota95.btm
sum -r/size 42820/2310

section 1/1   file quota95.btm   [ Wincode 2.7.3 ]

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